Food For Thought – Work Smart


If you are happy with what you are doing then tendency is you’ll never go wrong. Passion makes you do your best and since you’re enjoying every moment of it, you’ll end up with a great product. It is therefore best if you seek out your passion, where you are happy at.

Food For Thought – Family


Food For Thought – Be Brave


Confront your fears, it’s the only way you can do to eliminate them one by one. Talk to your peers, it’s one way of erasing them, if you talk it out, it will somehow lessen the load inside your heart. Challenge yourself, be brave and face them bit by bit. You’ll not only lose them […]

Food For Thought – Motivation


Morning At Burnham Park Baguio City


As of the time of this writing it is raining for a few days now in Baguio City, makes one wanna wish that the sun would show up once again and give everyone the opportunity to go around Burnham Park in the morning. Burnham Park was originally designed during the American era by renowned architect Daniel […]

Food For Thought – Overcoming Adversity


If you are feeling left out from everything that’s happening in this world, don’t sulk, every entity were created unique and with purpose at that. You have a purpose in this world, you may not feel it yet but it will soon come to you. Reach out within yourself and you’ll see what are you […]

Food For Thought – Life


Food For Thought – Happiness


You can truly be happy if you are satisfied with the work you’ve finished. Even how difficult a project is, if you put all your effort into it and it turned out as what you expected, then you won’t feel any frustration, instead you will feel satisfaction at that. And at the same time the recipient […]