A Calming Thirst Quencher at Zentea Baguio


Vince is a happy resident of Baguio City. Having been born and raised in the City of Pines, he find value in helping others. In his own way he is helping others by informing them about what's new in the City of Baguio. He firmly believes that there are more reasons to highlight the positive than the negative.

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7 Responses

  1. Cristal Rimes says:

    I like this post very much. keep posting like this. Thanks

  2. baguio food says:

    kelan to nag-open? grabe. i am missing lots of fun in Baguio since February! haha. kelangan ko na umuwi talaga. :p

  3. Francis says:

    is there a place where you are allowed to smoke in this shop?

  4. Gem says:

    I think I want to revisit Zentea and try any of their milk teas this time.

    Thanks for suggesting this place. Now I have one more noteworthy place to hangout in town.

  5. Baguio Food says:

    I love their winter melon milk tea!

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