How to Apply for Hobbyist Photographer ID for Panagbenga 2013

Many of our beloved readers are constantly asking on how they could apply for a Hobbyist Photographer ID for Baguio City‘s Grand Parades during Panagbenga 2013. Well this year those who are in-charge in giving out ID’s are going to implement strict rules in approving applications for the Panagbenga 2013 ID’s. For hobbyists you can secure the form from the Panagbenga Secretariat office, I was also informed that you can download the form (will share the link once i have verified it), however you must be endorsed by your camera club’s president, otherwise if you are applying as an individual hobbyist then your chances of getting approved is very slim as they usually do not accommodate individuals.

If you are to pursue your application here are the things you should do:

1. Acquire a Hobbyist Application form from the Panagbenga Secretariat Office / Download and print the application form including the guidelines (download link will be shared later once verified).

2. Fill-up the  form properly and have your camera club president endorse it by having your president sign the endorsement form included in the application.

3. Attach your 2×2 ID picture to your application form.

4. Submit your application to the Panagbenga Media Committee Secretariat at the BCVB building located in front of the Children’s Playground in Burnham Park.

DEADLINE: Submission of application is only up to January 15, 2013.

Now for those whose applications that would be denied do not fret, choosing the right spot could still get you that photos, as for me, this year i will not be applying because for three straight years now i found myself positioned among those photographers without any ID’s at the sidelines so why bother getting one right? I still got the photos i need anyway. Will share the best locations in my coming blog posts.

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Author: Vince

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