The Colorful Panagbenga 2014 Opening Parade


Front of the Pack

So it is the time of the year again, the Panagbenga Festival, the season of Blooming for the City of Baguio. With this celebration i hope that we do not forget the essence of the festival, no, not for money, not for tradefairs and fun concerts rather the Panagbenga Festival is the symbolism of the rise of Baguio City after having been devastated by the 1990 Killer Quake. Yes, the origins of the Panagbenga Festival is very “deep” so to speak and i believe it is something that we should all remember. However, i wouldn’t want to end this article on that seemingly sad note. No, i want you guys to experience the Opening Parade through my lenses (yep my camera phone and my 1000D DSLR).

The Panagbenga 2014 Opening Parade

I made this video to make a 1 minute summary on what i have seen and experienced during the parade, i am very happy about the different performances by the elementary students of Baguio City. You see, because of the numerous schools in Baguio City (being the education capital of the north) imagine how many participant would there be during the grand parades? So as  a solution the organizers deemed it necessary to streamline the participants for the Grand Parades especially in the elementary level. This is why all interested elementary schools are not only going to showcase their best street dance during the opening they will be competing too. The top three i believe will then have the right to be included in the grand street dancing parade happening on February 22, 2014. Aside from the street dancers, the different Barangays were also showcased where the officials paraded down Session Road to Athletic Bowl. Special groups were also included in the parade like the models of Baguio, Air Soft Groups and Dog owners groups.

Photos During and After the Parade

The parade looked exhausting for the street dancers, imagine dancing, walking with an occasional running from the Panagbenga Park up to Athletic Bowl under the, oh well i was gonna say scorching sun but it was really cold during the parade, but still they have to perform their best at Athletic Bowl, that is why i am so happy and proud of these elementary school students who even had the energy to look and smile at the camera while doing their dance performances, all of them are winners in my book and that is why i won’t be announcing the winners here.

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