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Panagbenga 2015 Baguio Blooms Exhibition

The Panagbenga 2015 Baguio Blooms Exhibition and Exposition The Baguio Blooms Exhibition and Exposition for Panagbenga 2015 is one of the traditional events during the Flower festival celebration. This is a combination of a “Market Encounter” where local entrepreneurs get the opportunity to showcase their products. Most often than not...

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5 Flowery Love Quotes For Valentines Day

It’s the season of love and in Baguio City it is also the Season of Blooming! We are lucky that the season of Blooming or the Panagbenga Festival 2015 and Valentines day celebration falls on the same month. This means more flowers to give to our love ones! In observance...

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Panagbenga 2015 Opening Parade

Panagbenga 2015 Opening Parade Today is the Opening and Street Dancing Competition Parade for Panagbenga 2015. As always the parade started with an opening ceremony and prayers at the Panagbenga Park. The parade was joined by the different members of the Liga ng Barangay of Baguio City and made colorful...