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The “Lakbay” Through Entrepreneurship Part 1

What is the most important ingredient when starting a business? This question or something similar to that effect stuck to my mind as this was the first question asked by our mentors during the 6-weeks training with the Balloon Ventures Program. What is Balloon Ventures? Before I dive in to...


Discovering The Harvest of Sablan

They say the best travel experience are those that go unplanned. It’s been ages since I last traveled outside Baguio City (yes not even La Trinidad) and I have been trying to seize the opportunity to travel and discover outside of Baguio. So one day it was decided that we...


7 Days To Go!

What’s happening in 7 days? Well it’s the foundation day of our beloved City! There are lots of activities to be excited about. But one particular thing that I am excited about is the opening of one of Baguio City’s iconic McDonalds branch, McDonalds Session Road. A Little Trip Down...