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Beyond Baguio – Blue Ginger a Fusion of Cultures

Singaporean dishes are influenced by different cultures. This may have been because of the fact that Singapore historically started as a port area for trade. The presence of different cultures from traders as well as immigrants greatly contributed to the evolution of Singapore Cuisine. At present, we can safely say...

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Burnham Lake Under Construction

By this time you might have already seen photos or news about the newest attraction in Baguio City, the dredging and construction being done at Burnham Lake. The Burnham lake is one of Baguio’s “icon” when it comes to tourism, your vacation or visit to the City of Pines is not complete...


Baguio City Mayor Banned Then Allowed Selling of Firecrackers

Ok so the City Mayor denied the selling of firecrackers in Baguio City, initially, but this pronouncement was later on overturned by the City Mayor and allowed selling of firecrackers. According to the City Mayor the ban on firecrackers is still in effect, only selected brands or types are allowed...