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Baguio City Is Not The Most Polluted City And Here’s Why

A WHO report that was taken from a 2010 research placed Baguio City at the top place of the most polluted city in the Philippines. The WHO based their findings on an independent body’s measurement in Baguio City. This sparked debate among the different sectors, some would agree with the...

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I hate traveling, all those hours you spend onboard a bus or a plane is just too tiring! I hate going to festivals, too many people crowding your favorite street and you have to exert effort to weave through that maze of spectators just to get away from everyone and...


When Buying Strawberries in Baguio City

Strawberries is once again abundant in the City of Baguio, but did you know that the strawberries are not from the farms in Baguio City but rather it’s from the farms of La Trinidad Benguet? This is why the municipality of La Trinidad celebrates their strawberry festival this March. Anyway,...