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8 Things You Will Experience In An Eight Degrees Weather

Baguio City experienced one of its coldest weather in several years, at 8.1 degrees Celsius it made a lot of people do thing they wouldn’t do in a tropical country, it even make social media platforms abuzz about the cold temperature. From being excited about the cold weather transitioning to...


Is It Christmas In Baguio City?

For many of us Christmas in Baguio City is near if the temperature drops significantly, Christmas is near when people would start decorating their homes with Christmas lights and decors. This is the time when you see houses lavishly decorate their houses from inside and out to share a magnificent...


Destination – Baguio City

For a person who’s been living in the City of Pines all his life one might ask, what else are there to see in Baguio City? It was more than five years ago since I made it my personal commitment to promote Baguio City by any means possible and that...