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A Short Tour Of The BenCab Museum

The BenCab museum was built by Benedicto Cabrera a Philippine National Artist. The museum is home both to his own artworks and his collections mostly of Cordilleran origin. It is also serve as the venue for exhibits by different artists. For art lovers and those who want to unwind, the...


What To Do At The Panagbenga 2014 Market Encounter

So the Panagbenga 2014 opened last February 1 and the opening is celebrated with a parade. This also signals the start of the Landscape Exhibition and Contest as well as the Market Encounter. Whether the latter is a “tiangge” by definition, we leave that up to the lawmakers to decide,...

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8 Things You Will Experience In An Eight Degrees Weather

Baguio City experienced one of its coldest weather in several years, at 8.1 degrees Celsius it made a lot of people do thing they wouldn’t do in a tropical country, it even make social media platforms abuzz about the cold temperature. From being excited about the cold weather transitioning to...