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Baguio City As Captured By Kata

Kata is the newest brand in the ever competitive smartphone market. We must admit, we never had the chance to try out affordable smartphones before especially when taking photos of the different sights or sites in Baguio City. This is why when we got introduced to this brand we immediately...

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After The Typhoon

Considered as one if not “The” strongest typhoon to hit the Philippines, typhoon Lando surely wrecked havoc as it passed through the northern part of the Philippines. Baguio City was not spared by the typhoon. Baguio received the highest rainfall during the onslaught of Typhoon Lando with about two months...

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Turmeric And It’s Health Benefits | Turcumin

My first ever encounter with turmeric is when i got the chance to sample Southeast asian dishes during our trip to Singapore. Back then, turmeric to me was just another spice that you should add to your food to make it taste better. I am always in search of ingredients...