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Trivia – The Origin Of The Name Baguio 0

Trivia – The Origin Of The Name Baguio

“Bah-giw” is where the name Baguio was adopted meaning moss in Benguet dialect. In Inibaloy term it is depicted as a submerged slimy water plant termed as “Bagyu”. “Lumot” in Tagalog.     Quotes and Data From: Memoirs of Baguio by Gutierrez, Wilson and Concepcion, 1960


Food For Thought – Impossible

Nothing is impossible if we believe it is possible. Everything we perceive in our mind is possible. We can do things if we believe it will happen, it maybe hard from the start but it will get better as time passes by. And if you put so much effort on...


Trivia – Kafagway

According To Quirante’s Report, in 1624 locals referred to Baguio as “Kafagway”  which means stem or grassy clearings. During that time Baguio is just a rancheria with a handful of huts and a council-house at the center.   Quotes and Data From: Memoirs of Baguio by Gutierrez, Wilson and Concepcion,...


Food For Thought – Do It Yourself

If you want something in your favor, do it yourself. Sometimes it is only you who can mold the thing that you wanted most even if you had it customized, still the end product is not the same if you do it yourself. Besides, if everything else fails the only...


Food For Thought – Tenderness Of The Heart

There is no comparison to the tenderness of the heart. Being kind is better that being pretty. The greatest charm one can give is the tenderness of the heart, no matter how cruel the world is, when someone bestows kindness straight from their heart, it vanishes all the craziness in...


Food For Thought – Ability Is Nothing

It is good that you have the capability and or the ability to do a job but without any opportunity, your talent is nothing. It is therefore great if you seek out the opportunity for your ability. Grab it and never let go, your talent can be put into action...


Food For Thought – Enjoy Life

With the busyness of life, we forgot to enjoy the beauty around us. Sometimes, it is good to just sit down, relax and smell the air. Schedule one afternoon to reflect and pause from the hectic schedule. It will rejuvenate your body and spirit making you more productive in your...