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Baguio City a Place for Weddings 0

Baguio City a Place for Weddings

Aside from being popularly known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, the City of Pines, Character City, the Cleanest and Greenest City, Baguio City is also popularly known as a wedding city, although the name was not actually officially bestowed. Many couples wanting to get married choose Baguio City...


Camp John Hay Opens the Forest Lodge

Following its commitment to open a total of one thousand hotel rooms inside the former American Base in Baguio City, Camp John Hay, the Forest Lodge was opened last September 1, 2012. The opening was a night of fun and dancing and walk through different experiences. The event was graced...


Where Promotion Should Be Scrutinised

First of all this blog post is no where near about travelling to Baguio but i feel that i need to speak my mind about this topic as it concerns everybody and this blog is my only avenue of informing everybody. At the time of the writing of this blog...