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Where Promotion Should Be Scrutinised

First of all this blog post is no where near about travelling to Baguio but i feel that i need to speak my mind about this topic as it concerns everybody and this blog is my only avenue of informing everybody. At the time of the writing of this blog...


SMART Help Others to Livemore

There are some rare moments when you see a company giving back to the public in manner where people will truly benefit regardless of his or her own product preference. SMART Communications is one of the companies whom i find to be truthful in their campaign to care for the...

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Where To Stay In Baguio City?

This is one of the many questions that people ask me via email, where to stay in Baguio City? Well before i answer that question let me give you a small background. Baguio City is also known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, of course you might already know...