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Warming Our Belly At Soup District

It is almost the end of May 2016 and the weather in Baguio City shifted from sunny and warm to rainy, cold and damp. For residents of Baguio City, this is how life is in the City of Pines. This is the time when (assuming there are no typhoons), the...

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Ramen Adventure at Zushi Me Baguio | Lakbay Baguio

There are only three Ramen shops or Japanese restaurants that serve ramen in Baguio City, with the fourth coming very soon. Of course, we might be wrong, maybe we haven’t explored enough, but as of today, there are only a few Ramen shops in the City of Pines. Since I was in...

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Day 1 Of The US Fine Food Show In Baguio City

Receiving an invite from the office of the United States Agriculture Attache in the Philippines is an opportunity that one should grab. Well of course i grabbed the opportunity, first because the event could allow me to meet new people and second I will have the opportunity to learn new...