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We Found The Yamashita Treasure

They said Baguio City was one of the destinations traversed by the Tiger of Malaya, General Tomoyuki Yamashita when they were running from the Filipino and American soldiers during the end of World War 2. Many also have said that Yamashita’s troops had buried several treasures in different parts of...


Delicious Food At Central Park Restaurant In Baguio City

Chinese restaurants in Baguio City is quite common, the migration of some chinese who were part of those who built Baguio City prior to 1909 (the charter day of the City) made chinese cuisine to be common among residents of Baguio up to this day. Classic chinese dishes are being...


Beggang Resto Grill – A Taste of Filipino Cuisine

Few are the times when restaurant get’s regular clients. Most of the time different food establishments get’s the loyalty of their clients because of expensive advertising and different marketing strategies. The thing that I appreciate about Beggang Resto Grill is they do none of such expensive marketing strategies and advertising....