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Save More At SM’s 3-Day Sale

Tomorrow is SM’s 3-Day sale, now i wonder would i be able to save if i buy on those days? Well, i have been at SM for these past few days and there are things that i would like to buy, however, it was twice that i was discouraged by...

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The 3-Day Sale Survival Guide

First of all let’s makes things clear, i hate shopping, i’d rather wear hand me downs rather than purchase new clothes. However, there are times that you have to visit the shopping mall because of necessity. If you are aware the largest mall in Baguio City regularly holds three day...

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How To Process Your Passport at DFA Baguio

DFA Baguio UPDATE April 25, 2016 There is a new passport processing system at the DFA Baguio branch. You now have to schedule an appointment. Click for more details about the new DFA Baguio passport processing guidelines. UPDATE October 27, 2015: DFA Baguio resumed their operations last October 24, 2015...