The Panagbenga Festival 2011

The month-long celebration of the Panagbenga Festival is one of the best events in the City of Baguio. Every year tourists and locals alike flock to the streets of Baguio to witness the different activities for the whole month. Three of these myriad of activities stands-out and are considered to be most awaited part of the celebration, these are the Grand Street Dancing Parade, the Grand Float Parade and the Session Road in Bloom. 

This year (2011) i got to witness all three activities and all i can say is that they were all great! although there were some points for improvement the City of Baguio was able to execute these different activities well. I just hope that during the future Panagbenga Festivals the Session road in Bloom activity should highlight the different dishes of the Cordilleras and even that of different provinces in the Philippines, so organizers should contemplate on removing hotdogs and shawarma from the menu and introduce “pinikpikan in cups”. Imagine strolling down Session Road on a cold day and sipping a hot pinikpikan broth. Just a thought at least.


As for the Grand Street Dancing and Float Parade, security and safety was also well-executed, there were no reported incidents that could have caused disarray and chaos during the parade. The people, tourists and locals alike have been very cooperative which i think contributed a lot to the success of these events. The weather was also perfect during that day a combination of sunny and cold…hmmm only in Baguio.

The month-long celebration ended with a grand fireworks display and boy! was it Grand! The fireworks display was held at several different venues and were simultaneously displayed, lighting up the night sky of Baguio City. A grand culmination for a grand festival.

For tourists i believe this season for blooming or the Panagbenga is one of the best time in the year to visit Baguio City and even nearby La Trinidad, to witness a grand spectacle showcasing the rich culture of Baguio City and the Cordillera.



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