According to the latest weather report, summer is already over, however that should not dampen the spirits of everyone because there will always be next year. Or if you are the adventurous type why not enjoy “like its summer” during the rainy season. If you are still in search for a resort near Baguio City one place that can come to mind is Kultura Splash Wave.
Kultura Splash Wave is situated in Pugo La Union several kilometers away from Baguio City, this resort is about thirty minutes ride from Baguio City via Marcos Highway.
The resort is equipped with several facilities like kiddie pools and slides which is like a children’s playground half-submerged in water. There are several dolphin shaped adult pools and a rectangular swimming pool, the deepest of which would be around five feet.
One of the two main attractions that the resort is boasting is their giant slides where the entry point of the two biggest slides is found 3-storeys high and those two slide found at the second floor has an inclination of about more than forty five degrees which guarantee the creation of a giant splash once you reach the pool or drop zone, just remember to cover your nose to prevent water from entering on impact.
Another major attraction which everybody is sure to enjoy is the Kultura Splash Wave – Wave Pool. This 1000 square meter wave pool really makes your swimming time fun. The only drawback to this wave pool is that the time allotted for activation is not enough why? Because it is so much fun I don’t want it to stop but I guess there is truly something good in “moderation” otherwise I would not have enjoyed the other facilities of Kultura Splash Wave. The wave pool is activated three times starting at 2 pm at around 10 minutes every time it is activated.
Aside from the water facilities Kultura Splash Wave also offers accommodations to those who would like to stay at the resort overnight. The resort also has a restaurant, a convenience store, a food kiosk, souvenir shop and a fish spa. For those who would like to cook or grill their proteins and vegetables the grilling station is made available for you. Those who would stay only for the day can choose between a nipa hut and an open cottage with table which can be rented for one thousand pesos. Entrance fee to the resort ranges from 180 pesos for children and 250 pesos for adult.
With regards to the food, according to the resort rules you are supposed to pay fifty pesos for every person in your group if you are to bring in your food so it would be better to check-out their website and see the prices of their dishes as compared to your budget and determine on which option are you going to save from, either to bring your own food and pay fifty pesos per member of your group or purchase from their convenience store, restaurant and food kiosk. When ordering from their restaurant make sure to estimate properly though the food is great in taste we all wished that the volume of food would commensurate to the actual number of people that the menu claims it is good for, in short quantity is on the short side.

The Dish name is Poqui-Poqui

Despite the inadequate food the fun and excitement that we experienced overshadowed that fact and besides it is not good to swim on a full stomach anyway.
As for safety there are several “life guards” on standby but since the pools are not very deep and not slippery the risk of accidents should be minimal.
Kultura Splash wave has everything covered for you so if you want to extend summer you can do so by visiting this place which is just about thirty minutes from Baguio City.

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    1. De Luxe Villa
      (in front of pool w/ veranda) P 4,800.00 / night
      Superior Villa P 4,500.00 / night
      Additional Guest P 700.00 / head

      This info is taken from their website.

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