Our Lady of Manaoag Visit Baguio City

Despite the heavy rains poured by typhoon Bebeng, the miraculous Our Lady of Manaoag arrived in Baguio City safe. The Our Lady of Manaoag or also known as the Nuestra Señora del Santissimo Rosario de Manaoag or the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Manaoag are just some of the titles bestowed upon the statue of the Virgin Mary which its ivory statue was brought to the Philippines during the 17th century by Padre Juan de San Jacinto from Spain.

The Our Lady of Manaoag has been regarded as the patroness of the needy, the sick and the helpless. It was said that the Our Lady of Manaoag shrine or chapel began when a person witnessed an apparition of the Virgin Mary in 1610, the man told the story of the apparition and the people built a shrine on the exact location where the Virgin Mary appeared and soon a chapel was built. Soon after the building of the chapel the surrounding area became a lively and flourishing town. According to the tradition and belief the town was built because of the Virgin Mary’s call, the term Manaoag in local language is “She Calls”.

The Our Lady of Manaoag is said to be miraculous as proven by millions of people whose lives were changed because of their devotion to the Our Lady of Manaoag. Several historical accounts also are witness to the miracles of the Our Lady of Manaoag the most popular being the story during the World War 2 where Japanese planes bombarded the church and its surrounding areas, three of the bombs exploded in the areas surrounding the church, the fourth fell on the church’s sanctuary but did not explode.

There are indeed many accounts of miracles that the Our Lady of Manaoag has done for the people who exhibit their faith to God and the Virgin Mary. This is why the people of Baguio are blessed that the statue of the Our Lady of Manaoag came up to our city despite the heavy rains.

The shrine or statue of the Our Lady of Manaoag will be staying at the Baguio Cathedral and here are the scheduled activities during her stay:

Schedule of Activities during the Visit of Our Lady of Manaoag in Baguio City


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