Mother’s Garden – A Synergy of Culture, Food, Health and Nature

How would you like to order your favorite garden salad and have the chance to see the exact garden where the ingredients were harvested from? Or would you like to order a strawberry dessert and see the strawberry patch where the strawberries were taken? These are just some of the amenities and activities which you and your family can enjoy when visiting Mother’s Garden in Baguio City. If your family is looking for a healthy organic meal in Baguio City then Mother’s Garden would surely not disappoint.

When it comes to organic food some people are very skeptical since they do not know or have not seen where the produce or ingredients were harvested from, Mother’s Garden in Baguio City however will dispel all doubts about the nature of the ingredients because of the fact that the cafe will give their client a chance to see their “Kitchen Garden” where most if not all of their ingredients comes from.

Aside from guaranteeing healthy ingredients Mother’s Garden also provides entertainment for your children, proximate from the cafe is the Children’s Castle where your children can enjoy the slide, swing and trampoline. Aside from the Children’s castle, Mother’s Garden also have Child friendly farm animals, your child will be amazed of the different farm animals like pigs (one was named Michelle), native chickens, goats (named Baa-Baa and Mae-Mae) and geese (a pair named Pepe and Pilar). On a personal note during our visit, we got the chance to see a baby pig which my daughter named “Wilbur”. There are also a pair of rabbits whose names were Bonnie and Clyde. Basically all of the animals being showcased by Mother’s Garden were given their own names, therefore if you were to ask the question “Are these animals also being used as protein ingredient?” the answer is No, however Leo the friendly guide we met at Mother’s Garden, informed us that the protein ingredients such as chickens are being raised on another area separate from the garden.

On weekends Mother’s Garden invites artists from Baguio City to showcase their talents, some of the Cordilleran talents that you will have a chance to see are the Igorot Dances performed by the Igorot Village Dancers  and the art of wood carving from the Ifugao Wood Carvers. On weekends Mother’s Garden also offers Clay Pottery, Hands on Planting and Feeding of Farm Animals (although we also got to do the latter on a Thursday). Further, a skilled artist is also available during the weekend for those who would like to have their portraits sketched.

Our main reason for visiting Mother’s Garden of course was to taste their food, Mother’s Gardens menu offers several choices from sandwiches to tapas, although the range of choices is not as many as those being offered by “commercialised” restaurants, this means that Mother’s Garden only offers food that is within their resources, further, waiting time for your food to be served is around 20 to 30 minutes which means  that your food is not pre-cooked, such is a testament to the quality of food that Mother’s Garden is serving their customers. The menu is very informative as it tells you of the ingredients that goes into a specific food, further the menu would also advise customers on what they should order in case they are in a hurry (i wish all restaurants would write that in their menu).

During our visit, we got the chance to taste the Garden Salad, Fish and Chips, Chicken Pesto and the Mother’s Garden Version of Ham and Cheese. The Garden Salad’s ingredients were truly fresh even the edible flower was very fresh and overall, delicious. The Mother’s Garden version of Fish and Chips was also scrumptious, unlike other fish and chips that we’ve tried, the Mother’s garden version is light, this could be attributed to the fact that the coating or crust of the fish is not purely water and flavoring infused flour but instead the fish was herb crusted, the chips, well the chips were actually fries however its flavor and texture are different from your commercial French fries, the Mother’s garden version is way better. For the rest, I would let the photos speak for themselves.

Overall Mother’s Garden is one of our “Golden Discoveries” in Baguio City, we thought we have seen everything there is to see in Baguio City but we were wrong, at present there are new creative ideas that are being incorporated in the City of Baguio and Mother’s Garden is one such creative idea. With an advocacy to package Nature, Food, Culture, Health, Family and Entertainment into one, Mother’s Garden is indeed a must place to visit in Baguio City.

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And Oh before I forget, Mother’s Garden offers a lot more than what we have stated, it is up to you, travelers, visitors and locals of Baguio City to discover and experience all the amenities that Mother’s Garden have to offer. As for directions Mother’s Garden is located at No. 6 Upper Fairview Road Quezon Hill. If you are coming from the Baguio City Central Business District or any part of Baguio City for that matter you can take a ride on one of Baguio City’s friendly taxi, or if you have a private vehicle you can follow the map I have provided below:

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  2. That’s true!

    I will bring my friends here once they visit Baguio.

    Bliss Cafe is also a great choice. I hope you have seen the place. they have moved to a new location which is in Hotel Elizabeth in Gibraltar road near wright park. =)

  3. wow! i’d really love to bring my mum and nieces here. glad i stumbled upon your blog.
    do you know if taxis ply the area frequently for a return trip to the city? i think going there will be fine it’s getting back to the city i’m concerned with. thanks!

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