The Philippine Military Academy

The Philippine Military Academy is considered to be the premiere training school for our Nation’s Military Leaders. Individuals who qualify the stringent entrance examination of this premier military school would have to travel to Baguio City specifically at PMA in order to start their training to either become “field ready”, “squadron-ready” or “fleet-ready”. Aside from being the Philippines premier Military School the Philippine Military Academy is also considered as one of Baguio City’s foremost tourist destination. Travelers who would like to visit this Military School must alway bear in mind though that this is still a military installation and civilians have to strictly follow the rules and regulations set by the PMA Administration.

Should you want to travel to PMA and see the Military School up-close you may do so by taking one of Baguio City’s pride, the friendly taxi and their drivers. If you decide to take the jeepney you can take the Loakan Jeepney route, they are stationed at Perfecto Street beside the Ganza Restaurant just immediately beside the Melvin Jones Football Field. The trip to PMA is going to take about ten to fifteen minutes. If you are going to utilize your private vehicle and you are coming from the central business district just remember that you need to find Loakan Road and the starting point of the said road is at Panagbenga Park. Once in Loakan road it would be a straight drive to PMA, just make sure to follow the main road and once you have passed by the Loakan airport vicinity you would know that PMA is just beyond the uphill road, for more information on the directions please consult the map I have provided below.

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Upon entering the PMA gates you need to heed to the checkpoint officers who will be handing you down an Identification Card that you would have to wear while inside the Philippine Military Academy, in exchange you would have to surrender a valid, if possible government issued ID. Rules that you have to observe are written at the back of the ID that will be given to you.

While inside the Military School you would have to drive or go only to the unrestricted places, always follow the rules set by the Academy. There are several sites where you could go inside the PMA premises, the first stop that you might see is the Korean War Memorial Shrine where you would also see the different “antique” or decommissioned Military arsenals like tanks, cannons and transport vehicles.


The Korean War Shrine at the Philippine Military Academy


Going further to the Heart of PMA you will be able to visit the Administration building, the towering flagpole, the famous Sundial, the Tree House, Chapel, Several war and training aircrafts, the fountain area where PMA graduates are “dunked” by their comrades, the famous Borromeo Field where the cadets and cadettes conduct their field exercises and of course some concessionaire stands where you can purchase souvenirs, food among others.


The PMA Sundial - What time is it?

If you are the type of person who would like to explore and learn about our military history, tradition or heritage then a visit to the Philippine Military Academy would satisfy your craving for such information. By the way when exiting the PMA premises do not forget to return your PMA-issued ID and claim the ID that you surrendered upon entering.



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