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If there is a place in Baguio City that should be given attention by the Baguio City Government this is the Heritage hill or also known as the Diplomat Hotel. The Diplomat Hotel or the Heritage Hill is rich in history because of the fact that the building survived World War II and several natural calamities. The Heritage Hill is on top of Dominican Hill in Baguio City and it can be reached by taking the Naguilian road and the Dominican hill road.

According to history the Diplomat Hotel was constructed by the Dominican Priests as a vacation house from 1913 to 1915 and was later on transformed into a school the Collegio del Santissimo Rosario. The building was utilised for educational purposes for only two years before the building was again reverted back to a Vacation House. The building was heavily damaged during the Second World War and after the war in 1947 the building was reconstructed.

In 1973 the Diplomat Hotel Corporation was able to acquire the Heritage hill wherein they converted the vacation house into a hotel. However, because of business problems the hotel eventually closed in 1987. Up to this day the exterior of the building was preserved however the internal parts of the building were already destroyed, what can only be seen are remnants of what were a reception area, a fireplace, and the divisions of the different rooms.

The heritage hill is famous to many locals in Baguio City because of the different ghost stories and sightings in Diplomat hotel. It was said that during the Second World War when the building was utilized as a hospital taking care of the injured where many soldiers, nuns and priests died in the said building and many “ghosts” who did not cross to the other realm still lurk within the hotel and its premises. This is why the building is a famous destination for those who plan on “hunting ghosts”.

The building is considered as a historical monument that should be preserved and the Baguio City Government had already started preservation of the site by constructing fences and reinforcing the structure, however there are still a lot of work to be done in order to achieve the goal of transforming it to a Heritage site and a nature park.



Location of Heritage Hill / Diplomat Hotel

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