I Traveled Back in 1572

“I Travelled back to 1572” or at least this is what the T-shirt I bought as a souvenir says. Last December of 2007 I got the chance to visit Ilocos Sur particularly, Vigan City. From that day forth I have been wishing to again return to this Historical City and maybe do some more exploration. Fast forward to summer of 2011, after working so hard and saving enough money, I was able to bring my entire family to the second city that I fell in-love with, of course Baguio City being the first.

Vigan City is around four to five hours away from Baguio City and the travel experience going to Vigan will prove to be enjoyable since you will be treated to a myriad of landscapes and coastlines. Vigan City particularly the Heritage Village is considered as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage site and rightly so due to the fact that despite being considered a city the local government and the residents were able to preserve some of its Heritage structures and even the ambiance. Most of the Hotels in Vigan City especially those around or near Heritage Village are all Spanish-era themed, from the Capiz windows to its seemingly old furniture you would definitely feel a 1572 ambiance.
Vigan City restaurants were also constructed to resemble a Spanish time dwelling place, some are even situated within the original structures inside Heritage Village. Apart from great hotels and restaurants, Vigan City is also abundant in tourist attractions, from the famous Heritage Village, its various Museums, the Pagburnayan, its Old Churches, the Baluarte, the River Cruise and the Hidden Garden. All attractions were developed by both residents and the local government to boost the city’s tourism industry. However, what sets Vigan and Ilocos from the other places that I have been to is their friendly people, in both my first and second visit I never had any untoward experience with our encounter with the residents they were all friendly, hospitable and accommodating.
After four years of longing I was able to return to this wonderful city and all I can say, I am glad I saved enough because I did not only re-experience Vigan City but I got to share that experience with my entire family. The question is…when will I get the opportunity to visit Vigan again? I think I hear a part 3…

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