Vigan Plaza Hotel – Fusion of Past and Present

Visiting Vigan City and other nearby areas in Ilocos would require more than just one day. There is so much to see in the city of Vigan and other nearby areas that you would not even feel exhausted instead your energy just keeps on pumping in every wonderful tourist attraction that you visit, however, of course we are only just human that at the end of a day full of walking around we would feel really low in energy. This is why you have to recharge and rest in order to be ready for another day of adventure and in order to do that you should book a great accommodation. During our three days trip to Vigan City my family and I stayed in one of Vigan’s best hotel the Vigan Plaza Hotel. This is actually our second time to stay at this hotel, the first time we stayed here was a great experience the second was equally great if not better.
The Hotels in Vigan City are not like the hotels in Baguio City due to the fact that the former does not build their buildings upward, and maybe in order to keep the skyline view clear of any obstruction, makes star gazing really a fun experience. We stayed at Vigan Plaza Hotel’s third floor, the rooms were spacious enough and every room features stated in their brochure were all there. Although the hotel is situated fronting the plaza and one of the Heritage Villages’ main road there was no problem with the noise coming from vehicles passing by. The Vigan Plaza Hotel is a fusion of both past and present due to the fact that the furniture and design of their building are Spanish-era inspired with its capiz windows and seemingly old chairs and tables. The hotel is however equipped with a keycard entry lock and a hot and cold shower, not to mention the aircon and cable T.V. among others, giving you the best of both the past and the present.
Vigan Plaza Hotel has a restaurant called the Bigaa and a dessert shop whose name I was not able to pronounce thus was not able to remember, however I can still remember the distinct flavor of their vanilla shake and blueberry cheesecake mmmm….

I can still remember the taste…mmmm

Vigan Plaza Hotel is situated in a very “strategic” location as it is fronting the Plaza Burgos, beside Tongson’s Bibingka (One of Vigan’s best Rice Cake, Pudding and Longganisa maker), Near the Heritage Village, the Sinanglaoan (beef broth eateries), the St. Paul’s cathedral and the Kalesa stations.

View from the Hotel

As the saying goes, places are only as good as the people you meet, or something like that…I believe that what made our stay in this hotel a lot more fun and enjoyable is because of their friendly and courteous staff. They were so accommodating and attentive to your every needs and it is because of this that I would really recommend Vigan Plaza Hotel not because of their facilities, their keycard entry doors or their comfortable beds, I recommend this hotel because of their warm and accommodating staff.

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