Canon Joins the Baguio City Worldwide Photowalk

Being true to their motto “Delighting You Always”, Canon Philippines indeed delighted the participants of the October 1, 2011 Worldwide Photowalk. Despite the incoming typhoon and the signal number 3 warning of PAGASA, Canon still came through for the participants of the activity. Days before the event problems in delivering the souvenirs already cropped up however this did not stop Canon Marketing Officers Ms. Roseann Co and Mr. Frank Tabutol to find ways and means to get the items to Baguio City in time for the event.

They could have ignored the activity citing force majeur however they did not, and because of their willingness to “delight” participants during the worldwide photowalk in Baguio City the items were delivered just in time. Participants joined the World Wide Photowalk also braving the strong winds and heavy rains, but it is evident in their facial reaction that everybody was very satisfied and were actually happy to be getting some souvenir items from Canon.


As the Baguio World Wide Photowalk Leader I realized that every Baguio Photographer shares a passion and that passion is, in one way or the other being fueled by enthusiastic companies such as Canon. Delighting you Always is not just a commercial tagline rather it is a commitment.

Thank you so much Canon for the support, thanks so much Ma’am Roseann Co, Sir Frank Tabutol and Canon Philippines Facebook Page.




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