Finding Good Baguio Transient Houses


Vince is a happy resident of Baguio City. Having been born and raised in the City of Pines, he find value in helping others. In his own way he is helping others by informing them about what's new in the City of Baguio. He firmly believes that there are more reasons to highlight the positive than the negative.

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102 Responses

  1. lee milanes says:


  2. Gerald says:

    Hi, we plan to go to Baguio on dec 11-13. 5 adults, 1 infant. We need 2 bed rooms with kitchen. Please let me know what options we have.


  3. alexandria says:

    hello po. we’re planning to stay in baguio for a month po sana. Starting on December 23,2011(this friday). ang budget po namin ay 2000-2500. dalawa lang po kami. Maghahanap po sana kami ng transient na mura at convenient po sana:) I’ll be waiting for your reply this evening kasi po super rush po kami sa paghahanap:) thanks po:)

  4. alexandria says:

    nasagutan ko na po yung form niyo. we’ll be waiting nalang po sa reply niyo. salamat po:)

  5. nik says:

    im looking for cheap transient house/room for 5 from december 25-26. please help. thanks.

  6. Edria says:

    Can you help me try to find an apartment or transient lodging for 2 adults and a 10 year old for Dec 23 to 26? It doesnt have to be big as long as we can cook our own food and the area is safe… Please help i know it’s pretty late already. Our budget is 1500 to 2K per night. Thank you.

  7. Roland R. Roldan says:

    We will be going up Baguio most likely on January 27 to 29. We are a group of 15 to 17 persons (four children elementary). I would like to know if there are any cheap transient houses (for sleeping only) that would accomodate us. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  8. cherry says:

    im looking for cheap transient house/room for 8-10 from Feb 25-26 2012. can you help us help. thanks

  9. elizabeth ramos cuepo says:

    please help me find a a very affordable room for 2 persons, for feb 23 to 28, thanks much…

  10. joan says:


    We’re planning to go to Baguio this 3rd week of January. Could you please help me to find cheap transient house. We’re only 2 and planning to stay 2days. Thanks.

  11. Sushi says:

    Im looking for a cheapest per night stay in baguio meron daw kasi 200/pax per night san ba located yun? Kasama ko lang hubby ko and my 3yrs old baby. Kahet 2nights and 3days mapuntahan lang namen lahat ng view sa Baguio. Thanks

  12. eva says:


    I’m looking for a house or apartment, 1 couple for a month stay, we prefer near down town, and also possibly look me for a place that has a working kitchen and inside bathroom good surroundings. Cheap rates please.

  13. Lorraine Chio says:

    hi, were looking for transient house for 10 pax this coming january 21-23 my budget is around 2500-3000, i hope you can find one for us,

  14. ELSA GILLERA says:

    hi, i’m elsa can you help me find an affordable house for a group of 10 adult & 8 kids (1-12yr old)

  15. Marian Diaz says:

    Would you please send us list and prices of nice, clean and cheap transient houses or rooms for two persons which is near or in the city proper.


  16. Nina Mavel Velasco says:

    We’re planning to visit Baguio on the first week of February. Can you refer us to any cheap rooms good for 2 pax?thank you!!;)

  17. keith aliga says:

    Hi, i’m Keith and I’m looking for cheap and affordable transient house for 2 on Jan. 16, 17, 18.

  18. nimfa espartinez ray says:

    hello, good evening, can you send me a list of transient houses and hotels in baguio city, we are planning to baguio maybe to see the pinanbenga festival and if we could not see it, just for a visit and see how baguio looks like. Thank you so much. God bless, hope to hear from you soonest.

  19. charwin a. agustin says:

    we’re looking for an affoedable place to stay for the panagbenga festival 2012, preferably in the city proper for 10-12 pax.

  20. iza says:

    hello, we are looking for affordable condotels, apartelle or fully furnish house to stay for a few days this february for honeymoons. can u please help us. thank you.

  21. fatima jose says:

    hello po, malayo pa po ang march 22 pero gusto ko sana ihanap niyo ako ng room na mura po pero safety at makaluto ako ng gusto ko 3ooo to 5000 lng po budget sa isang buwan sana thanks in GOD BLESS

  22. Rose says:


    I am planning to visit on Feb 20-22, 2 persons lang. Saan po magandang magstay, ung affordable po. tnx!

  23. Chona Ambong says:

    Hi, me and my husband are planning to go to Baguio this coming Holy Week, From April 4 – 6. Can you help me find a cheap yet safe and comfortable transient house? Sana ung malapit lang sa mga tourist spots jan sa Baguio. Thank you so much.

  24. Mae says:

    Hi. We’re going to Baguio for Panagbenga and we are in approximately 20 people. Can you help us find a cheap transient house? Thanks!

  25. maria corazon honrubia says:

    could you pls help me find transient roon for 3 person…will be staying on the 27th to 29th of this month budget would be 500-800 per night…pls help…thanks

  26. Chona Ambong says:

    Hi, me and my husband are planning to go to Baguio this coming Holy Week, From April 4 – 6. Can you help me find a cheap yet safe and comfortable transient house? Sana ung malapit lang sa mga tourist spots jan sa Baguio. Thank you so much.

  27. venus says:

    Can you please help me find a transient house good for 8-10 persons.
    3Bedrooms. We will be going there by June 2-4,. Thanks.

  28. Cherrylyn del Mundo says:

    Hi Im looking for a place to stay in baguio for 2 days. We are planning to visit this March 14-16 atleast 3 bedrooms 8 Adults 1 kid. We are looking for a nice but affordable clean and safe place to stay. Budget is around 1000-2000/night. Hopefully near the tourist spots. Thank You

  29. Anna says:

    please send us transient good for 6 persons with great amenities like kitchen & dining. Not too much expensive but nice one. thank you.
    dates: March 30 to April 2. thank you

  30. elaine says:

    Hi! I’m looking for affordable transient room for couples. any suggestions? 🙂

  31. Lee Andrews says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a room for 2 in baguio. Can anyone recommend? ‘Will be staying for 3 days and 2 nights on Feb. 25-27. My budget is within 1,500-2k.

    Please Help.

    Looking forward hearing from you.

  32. aye santos says:

    hi, can you help me to find a place to stay! kami ng asawa ko pupunta ng baguio for 3days & 2 nights sa jan.29-feb.1,2012. saan ba maganda mag stay na affordable & good?kase may mga transient daw tag-400php lang. at yung place ay hindi malayo, i mean nasa sentro ng baguio para madali kaming makapaglibot. thank you!

    • Vince says:

      Please fill up our form in order for us to process your request, currently all our affiliate transient houses are fully booked we are currently looking for other transient houses that would be our affiliate.

  33. jackielou sevilla says:

    hi! can you help me find a place to stay? im looking for a cheapest per night stay in baguio this coming april 4-6 Kasama ko hubby ko and my 1yr old baby. Meron dw kcng tag300 na malapit sa center ng baguio. Thanks

  34. GerryV says:

    sana matulonga nyo din kami we wan sa Feb 25 26 transient lang mag shoot lang sa parade…

  35. Novelin says:

    can you please help me to find a cheap and good transient house, we are planning to have a vacation on August 2012 and we are looking for a possible place to stay. Tnx and hope to receive a reply from you soon.

  36. zenia tindaan- Garingan says:

    Hi!am looking for a cheap transient house good for 4-5 persons just enough for sleeping,i hope you could help me with this,thanks

  37. christian says:

    hi!im looking for a cheap transient house near the city of baguio, good for 4 persons.just enough for sleeping, 2 days and 1 night only. please help me with this one. email me.tnx

  38. Grace says:

    hi, me and my friends (4pax total) are planning to go to baguio this coming holy week Apr5-9. may we ask for transient accommodations that are good but cheap as we are on a tight budget. thanks!

  39. michaella icasas says:

    looking for a transcient house/hotel than can accommodate 7 people on feb25-26, just one night. thanks!

  40. Mary Lou Simo says:

    On fri and sat, we are looking for a house to accomodate 6-7 guests. Please help us! This is 24 and 25 of this month, feb! 🙂 godspeed!

  41. Guilbert Feliciano says:

    hello po, uhm, humahanap po kami ng mga batchmates q ng isang “rentable for long term” na bahay, good for some years po kasi mag aaral po sana kami jan. pero budget lang po namen e 10- 20k/ month or cheaper pa po. sa SLU po namin balak pumunta. pa help po

  42. Angelica Canela says:

    We are looking for an affordable transient house that can accommodate 40pax with food package. Hope you can help me.

  43. chyanelle constantino says:

    we are looking for a transient house for this coming march 23-25 which is good for 8pax and our budget is about 1,500 – 1,800 per night. hope you can help us

  44. Grace Guzman says:

    We are planning to go to Baguio on May 4-7,2012. We would like a transient that has 2bedrooms, kitchen and toilet for 4 persons. Thanks.

  45. Mimi Diopenes says:

    hi.. im looking for pls send me a quote an affordable transient home in Baguio this coming May just for 2days.. good for 8pax..our budget is around P1,500 to P2,000 per night.. I’ll look forward for your response. Thanks..

  46. rizza leano says:

    We’re going to Baguio this April 7-8 and we are looking for a place to stay. Can you please help us? good for 2 persons and our budget range from 1000 to 1500 per night.


  47. Liza Hilario says:

    Hi! We’re going to Baguio this April 4&5 and we’re looking for a cheapest but comfortable place to stay with my hubby, niece and my 2y/o daughter. Thanks for your response in advance!

  48. erica mae says:

    hi were planning to got to baguio this week…can i ask where can we stay for 2nyts and 3 day…. we had a budget of 2k per nyt only..pls reply..thanks!

    • Vince says:

      Hello Erica,

      You can visit they are DOT accredited and offers several rooms, with free use of their wi-fi. Hope this helps, enjoy Baguio City.

  49. joan says:

    Looking for 4bedrooms and 1 srivers room, kahit maliliit na room lang good for 2 person. my budget is 3k. 10pax

  50. jocelyn kimball says:

    looking for a place to stay for 2 nights ,AUGUST 9 AND 10 for 15 people that close to the city because we r going to commute from Manila.

  51. Lorelie G. Morales says:

    Hi! My family are planning to go in Baguio on May 28 til 31, 2012. I am looking for a place good for 5 persons (3 adults and 2 kids). My budget is 1,500 to 2,000 per night. Commute lang po kami from Manila. Thank you very much.

  52. Joan Bermudez says:

    I am looking for a room/apartment/house to stay from May 12 to June 7, 2012, good for a couple. Thanks

  53. arnel says:

    i am looking for an affordable transient good for 2, this coming may 14-16, 2012 hope you can help me. thank you

  54. jonard malata says:


  55. Amy says:

    Hi, we are looking for a transient house that is affordable (about P250-300/day), clean, near the city and has wifi. Can you recommend me one? Thank you and God bless!

  56. dhuds says:

    we are looking a transient house for a capacity of 30 person on december 7,8 and 9

  57. Kresha de Castro says:

    I am looking for a place where I together with my friends could stay in Baguio City.
    We are planning to go there next month, December 28-30.
    Any place that you could recommend us??
    Thank you! 🙂

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