Panagbenga Festival 2012 Schedule – UPDATED!

The Panagbenga 2012 Festival was launched last November 14, 2011 with the theme “Community Convergence for a Sustainable Tourism Growth”. The Panagbenga is a Baguio City‘s national festival and organizers both from the Private and Government Sector promises that there will be a lot of new events and somewhat “adventurous” activities that everybody, both residents and tourists alike will definitely enjoy. The Panagbenga organizers were generous enough to allow us to publish the activities during the festival, however please take note that this schedule contains only the traditional events or activities during the festival. However as promised there will be a lot of additional events during the Panagbenga month and the traditional events are expected to bring in new twists which is something that everybody should watch out for.


Panagbenga Festival 2012

Schedule of Activities




Panagbenga 2012 Launch and Concert

November 14, 2011

Chinese Spring Festival

January 23, 2012

Panagbenga Opening Parade

February 1, 2012

                                           8:00 AM

Market Encounter

                              Venue: Burnham Park

February 1 – March 4, 2012

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

                              Venue: Melvin Jones

February 11, 2012

                                            8:00 AM

Handog ng Panagbenga sa Pamilya Baguio

                              Venue: Burnham Park

February 12, 2012

Fluvial Float Parade

                              Venue: Burnham Lake

February 12, 2012

                                         10:00 AM

Grand Street Dancing Parade

February 25, 2012


Grand Float Parade

February 26, 2012


Session Road in Bloom

                              Venue: Session Road

February 27 – March 4, 2012

Pony Boy’s Day

                              Venue: Athletic Bowl

March 2, 2012

Panagbenga Closing Ceremonies and Grand Fireworks Display

                                 Venue: Athletic Bowl

March 4, 2012




Kid’s Stage Performance

Venue: Melvin Jones Grandstand

February 2, 2012

9:00 AM – 4:00 P.M.

IPMS-Baguio Scale Model Exhibit and Competition


February 2-4, 2012


A,B,C,D…HIV Prevention and Awareness Forum

Venue: Baguio Convention Center


February 4, 2012


BSU Country Fair

Venue: Benguet State University



February 10 – March 4, 2012

The Power Plus Race

Venue: Burnham Park Lake Drive

February 12, 2012

5:00 AM – 9:00 AM


PMA Alumni Homecoming

Venue: Philippine Military Academy



February 18, 2012

Colt 45 URCC IV-Battlegrounds Mix Martial Arts

Venue:Baguio Convention Center

February 18, 2012

8:00 PM

Panagbenga Airsoft Challenge

Venue:Melvin Jones (whole day)

February 18-19, 2012

Dog Show and Rabies Awareness Program

Venue: People’s Park

February 19, 2012

7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Pop Fiesta by RMN, iFM Baguio

Venue: Athletic Bowl



February 23, 2012

Inauguration of the BGHMC Garden

Venue: Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center Garden


February 24, 2012


Mr. and Ms. Panagbenga Best Bodies 2012

Venue: Baguio Convention Center


February 24, 2012


Panagbenga 2012 Flower Fest Invitational Darts Fest 100k Guaranteed

Venue: The Ian Bolinget billiard and Eatery


February 24-26, 2012

Northern Luzon Tourism Stakeholders Summit with the Tourism Congress of the Philippines

Venue: Baguio Country Club


February 25, 2012

3:00 PM


Mr. Panagbenga 2011 Muscle Showdown

Venue: Baguio Convention Center

February 25, 2012

6:00 PM


Hope for the Flowers Stage Play

Venue: Baguio Convention Center



February 27, 2012

1:00PM – 5:00PM

Auto Show by the Speed Limits Auto Club

Venue: Baguio Convention Center



February 27 – 29, 2012

1st Ramp Model Competition

Baguio Convention Center

March 2, 2012

5:00 PM onwards

Swimathon Big Splash: Great Lengths for a Great Cause

Venue: Athletic Bowl Swimming Pool Complex

March 3, 2012

8:00AM – 5:00 PM

Handog Pasasalamat ng Bombo Radyo at Star FM: Free Concert and Free T-Shirt

Venue: Melvin Jones Grandstand

March 3, 2012

5:00 PM – 12:00 Midnight

Sail On Caravan Tour II

Venue: Baguio Convention Center

March 3, 2012

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Dog Walk for Peace

Venue: Burnham Park to Athletic Bowl



March 4, 2012

6:00 am – 9:00 am



Little Mr. and Ms. Panagbenga 2012

Venue: Baguio Convention Center


March 4, 2012

5:00 PM


Tambalang Saya sa Panagbenga 2012

Variety Show

Venue: Melvin Jones Grandstand

March 4, 2012

6:00 PM – 12:00 Midnight

The Community led activities for the Panagbenga 2012 is just a final list. Note that some activities may also be subject to change depending on unforeseen factors.

Thanks to the Panagbenga Secretariat for providing the updated Panagbenga Schedule of Activities

104 thoughts on “Panagbenga Festival 2012 Schedule – UPDATED!

    1. Hello,

      As of now what was released were the schedules for the general / traditional events, we will be posting other activities here as soon as we have them.

      Thanks keep checking back for updates.

      1. when i chck the sched of activities i saw a fluvial parade on feb 11 and a grand float parade on feb 26. when is the best time to go there if u were made to choose? when is the exact date of the festival where we get to see the flowers on parade? tnx.

        1. Hi,

          If you would like to see the flowers on parade that would be the grand street and float parade which are considered to be the main parades during the panagbenga.

  1. hi. we want to know if there is an upcoming bodybuilding competition during the festival. My partner once joined a competition during the Panagbenga. Please let us know if there is so we can prepare as early as now, for her to compete again. tnx…

  2. Hi,

    Me and my friends are planning to go to Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival for 3 days. What are the best dates to go there so that we could reserve our leaves. Thanks!

    1. Hi,

      The time when most people are visiting Baguio City for Panagbenga is during the grand parades and the session road in bloom until the closing ceremonies for the the grand fireworks display. You might want to extend your leave for 1 week 🙂


    1. Hi Lindy,

      That would depend on your purpose, but to give you an idea the time when most visitors come up to Baguio is during the grand street and float parades.

  3. when is the highlight where we can see the beautiful floral floats of panagbenga festival? and are there strawberries by that time also?

    1. The grand street, float parades and the session road in bloom are considered to be highlights of the panagbenga although all activities are highlights on their own.

  4. Hello Baguio,

    I have planned my Panagbenga 2012 visit and have made flight and accommodation arrangements. I pray all things will be fine and I will get to see your beautiful place then. Thanks to CebuPac for their promo fare. Godspeed!

    1. Hello,

      We are glad that you have decided to visit Baguio during the Panagbenga we likewise pray for the success of the activity and we also pray for your safe trip and that you would enjoy the city of Baguio.

  5. greetings pnagbenga admin..we really look forward for the yearly pngbenga fest…may i kindly ask if your good office is already open re the application for booths/stalls for the session rd in bloom..thank you so much and we pray for the success of this amazing festival.

  6. for feb 11 (let a thousand flowers bloom) and feb 12 (fluvial float parade) does also have the flower parade on the street like what seen on most blogs and tv report? wanted to experience and be there to see the event and i cant make it on the last schedule. pls. help. thanks.

    1. Hi Annexia,

      Unfortunately the Grand Parades only happen during the set date, there are flower float parades during the fluvial and the let a thousand flowers bloom activities, however, those events are crowd drawers in their own right, the fluvial parade is done at the burnham lake and the let a thousand flowers bloom is usually done in melvin jones.

  7. Why is my question not posted? =( I wanted to ask the difference between the fluvial float parade and the grand float parade. I hope you can give me an idea. Thanks!

    1. Hello Yvonne,

      Please be informed that we get a lot of comments daily and in order to weed out spam comments from legitimate ones we need to manually go through the comments.

      As for your other question: The Fluvial parade is being held at the Burnham Lake since a fluvial parade is a parade done in the water, the Grand Float parade on the other hand is the Parade of Flower Floats and the route is via session road, harrison road to athletic bowl.

      I hope this information is helpful.

      Thanks for your comment.

      1. thank you so much! =) wow! how lucky of me.. i’ll be arriving on the 25th! ^_^ What time does the street dancing start on the 25th? Do you think victory liner will be full on feb 25? i want to reserve a seat but there’s a possibilty that my flight will be delayed so what will happen if I wasn’t able to use my reserved seat? thanks.

        1. The parade usually starts at 7:00am, regarding your bus seat i think victory liner would be the best company to answer you query.

          Thanks and see you in Panagbenga 2012!

          1. okay thank you. what time does the street dancing end? coz i think i’ll be arriving in Baguio after lunch. thank you so much for finding time to answer my questions.

          2. Street dancing usually ends before noontime depending on the number of participants, however the presentations at the staging area may last beyond noontime again depending on the number of participants.

  8. What is there to see durin the Chinese Spring Festival. That is our available date to go to Baguio for the Panagbengga festival.

    1. During the Chinese Spring Festival the Baguio Chinese Community usually hold a parade at Session Road, then afterwards there is a fireworks display.

  9. ask ko lang po kelan yung registration para maging offical photographer or maging part ng press or para magkaroon ng access sa parade at para makapagshoot ng walang hassle like the other festivals doing.

      1. Hi,

        Do you already have an update of how can we register as photographers for the parade? My brother told me that we should register at Burnham office or register online. If we can do it online, may we know the link where we can register?Thanks!

  10. Are there timeframes available for the Grand Parades? Those scheduled on Feb 25 and 26? And are there route maps that you can provide for the parade so that we’ll know where to stay for the parade? This will be the first time that we’ll be seeing the panagbenga and we don’t want to miss out any of it.. 🙂

    1. Usually the parades starts at 7am onwards, duration will be depending in the number of participants and floats. Traditionally the route of the parade would be from upper session road or even beyond the PRC building, down to harrison road, to athletic bowl.

    1. The baguio hotels that are within the parade routes are Casa valejo, Hotel 45, Bloomfield, Benguet Prime Hotel, Labrea Inn, Hotel Veniz, readers if i missed any hotel please feel free to comment.

      Also hotel rooms are almost fully booked last december, so you have to call the hotel of choice as soon as possible for your reservations.

    1. Hello Dang,

      Traditionally there are trade shows, however we still need to know the other activities for this year as well as the venue among others.

      Thanks and see you in Panagbenga 2012

  11. Hi,

    We are planning to go there on Feb.11-12.
    Do you know the exact time for the Let a thousand flowers bloom and the fluvial float?


  12. hi, gud day! Panagbenga 2012 is going to be my 4th consecutive years of coming up 2 Baguio… Every year of visit has always been a surprise and delightful activities… I am looking 4ward to come again to see that much-awaited event that only Baguio City can do… Congrats in advance to all the organizers… GOD SPEED!!!!

  13. I would like to know exactly what particular events shall there be on 11th and 12th of February since I am planning to have a vacation opting Baguio if its worth the trip on these days. Thank you.

  14. Hi, how do i apply for a pass for photo-enthusiast like me? I want to document the feb 25 n 26 activities,me from singapore.

    1. We too are applying for that pass once i get the process and forms i will post the steps in this website so visit us regularly for such updates.


  15. Hi,

    Is the opening parade a crowd drawer to? Exactly what time will it start, how long will it last, & what is its route? Any other events on 1February?

    Thanks & more power!

    1. Hi Reggie,

      The opening parade is a crowd drawer in its own right, but if i were to compare it with the grand parades of course the grand parades would not only be a crowd drawer but a crowd pleaser as well.
      Parades usually lasts for 2-3 hours depending on the number of participants, routes would be that which is also being followed by the grand parade, please visit our site regularly for any updates on other activities on February 1, 2012.

      Thanks and see you in Panagbenga 2012.

    1. Hello,

      IPITIK FESTIVAL was coined from the native term “ipitik”, like a toast of blessing usually done before sharing the bounty to everybody.

      hope this is helpful.


  16. hi ask ko lang what time ang start ng grand float parade kung aabot kmi sa byahe ng victory ng 12 midnight? thank you so much…

  17. when you say ‘session road in bloom’, meron bang something worth watching in the said event? so we may know if mag e extend kmi ng stay. thanks

    1. Session Road in bloom is an event where session road is closed to vehicles and stalls are put up where you can purchase different kinds of food, souvenirs among others. There are several stages where various bands and artists will perform everyday.

      Hope this helps, See you in Panagbenga 2012!

  18. Hi,
    Just want to ask what are the requirements or procedure to get Hobbyist Id?or Media accreditation for the festival,Im a Belgian Citizen and want to promote tourism in Europe about the Festivals of the Philippines.

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Hello Willy,

      Thank you for promoting Philippines Tourism particularly Panagbenga in Europe, with regards to the Hobbyist I.D. I will be posting the procedure here so please visit our site regularly.

      Thanks and See you in Panagbenga 2012!

  19. to the organizer: hi good day… just curious, where can i get a photograp[her’s pass during the float parade and other activities of this year’s panangbenga celebration. hope you can help me out with this.
    salamat po

  20. hi can u please help me find a transient room for rent for two? budget is 250-300 per person. I tried filling up a form here, can’t find it anymore but i dont think i got a reply. thanks!

  21. Hi!

    Greatings!, I would like to ask you have any contact numbers on those who organize the events. May you send it to my email if you have any. I would highly appreciate it. Thank you so much. God Bless!


  22. Hi! we would like to know how long is the travel time from Leonila Hill (evangelista st.) going to town proper? because the transient house we rented is located there. Tnx a lot!

    1. Hi Joan,

      This is just an estimate since i don’t have a clear idea where the transient house is located, but usually its 10-15 minutes ride to burnham park area (depending on the traffic).

  23. Can i just fax or email the forms(photographer/hobbyist)?..coz im planning to go on feb.24 and i think it would be time consuming for me and our group to go there upon my arrival. Since,we dont know the place very well and we would also like to make good use of our short vacation there in baguio.

  24. Hey good day 🙂 When is the Fireworks for Chinese Spring festival. I see that it was included in your list of activities here in Baguio. Is it tonite ? thanks

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Unfortunately, we did not receive any advise regarding any fireworks display today. I guess we just have to watch the sky since today is chinese new year’s eve. 🙂

  25. Hello,

    first of all i hope you dont get tired of our questions 🙂

    Its would be our first time in Feb, and i just want to ask What is the exact route of the Street dance parade and the GRAND Parade??

    so that we can plan where or which spot we will watch the parade from?

    Also is there an official viewing area??

    1. The route would be from upper session road going to harrison road to abad santos drive and finally the athletic bowl (the final stop would be the field demonstration area).

      We are glad to answer your queries.

      Thanks and See you during the Panagbenga 2012!

  26. Hi,

    We are going to Baguio on Feb. 10 — what is Fluvial Float parade and let a thousand flower bloom? Where can we see this and what can expect. thanks for you help..

    1. Hi Anne,

      The Fluvial Float parade is a water parade at the Burnham lake, it will start at 10am, let a thousand flowers bloom is a family activity where families is given the opportunity to paint banners or canvass.

      See you in Panagbenga 2012!

  27. Hello would like to know what exact time ang Sched ng parade for February 25 and 26?
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Thank you very much

  28. tanong ko lang po kung gun ban sa panagbenga? my husband po kc is a police officer…bka magkaaberya po kc when we get to the celebration. tnx po.

  29. when will street concerts/parties like those happening in Abanao St. and Melvin Jones be? and do you know what bands will play? Thanks!

  30. can just saw the floats on tv now and we decided to catch the remaining days of the panagbenga celebration, our questions are : can we still see the floats on diplay if we go on march 2-4? Can we still catch something worthy to see for the festivity if i will be with senior citizens during those dates? thanks.

    1. The floats will only be displayed for a limited time since the flowers used will wilt. Some floats will be displayed in their respective establishments. During your said date you will be witnessing different concerts (rock, classical etc) in session road during the session road in bloom. There are also concerts sponsored by the different TV stations such as the Kapamilya Caravan on March 3, 2012 at athletic bowl. You will also witness the Grand Fireworks Display on March 4, 2012, There are still a lot to see after the Grand Parades.

  31. hello,i need pass, to be a official photographer in flower parade,pano po ako maka pag reg.?para maka kuha ng id as photogs.gusto ko po kc ma xperience mag picture pictures sa loob ng parade,para po mas maka kuha ako ng maganda,,,,,pls pm your reply fb and email,thanks po……

    1. Hello,

      We usually wait for the go signal from the Panagbenga Secretariat they are the ones screening all the applicants, they usually give notifications 1 month before the Panagbenga Parade. Visit our blog for more updates..

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