Christmas In Baguio

Its December and its Christmas time, here in Baguio City the season of Christmas is first felt not because of the onset of the “Sales” event at shopping malls instead it is felt by the drop in the temperature. Baguio City is known to be one of the coldest places in the Philippines considering that our country is just below the equator and is known to have a tropical climate. Thanks to the pine trees, which I hope would be preserved, Baguio City air is cool and pine scented.

Aside from the Panagbenga, Spending Christmas in Baguio is full of adventure and fun, not to mention lots of photo ops. The following are the things that you can do to enjoy your Christmas  in Baguio City.

  1. Attend the Cool Simbang Gabi – the Aguinaldo masses or also called simbang gabi is always celebrated at the different Baguio City Catholic Churches. I said its cool not because  there are creativity involved during the mass but because of the cold weather. At dawn, when the Aguinaldo mass is being celebrated, the Baguio City air is so cold and pine scented, which I believe adds to the Holiness of the Mass Celebration.
  2. Have a Filipino Style Breakfast – After attending the Simbang Gabi, take a bite of traditional Filipino breakfast designed for this season, that is to dine on the well-known puto bumbong, bibingka and chocolate de batirol. One of the restaurant that caters to this fine Filipino breakfast is Solibao which is located at Burnham Park or they also have a branch at Session Road.
  3. Visit the Country Club Christmas Village – This year the Baguio Country Club have constructed a Christmas village for residents and tourists to enjoy. There are Christmas houses, Christmas Trees, elves and basically a feel of the north pole scene, minus the below zero temperature. The Christmas Village was constructed outdoors and Baguio’s cool weather compliments the Christmas Feeling while inside the Village. On special dates the Christmas Village will have a snow show event to really give you that North Pole Scene Feeling.
  4. Visit the Symphony of Illumination at the Manor – Camp John Hay Manor Hotel have set up a Christmas lights show, something I dubbed as the symphony of illumination because the Christmas lights will blink to the tune of any predetermined music, no its not the same as your normal Christmas lights, since the music are not your conventional Christmas songs instead classical music is being played.
  5. Watch the Fireworks Display – Every Saturday at 8p.m. which started last December 3, 2011, SM Baguio illuminates the sky with their fireworks display. The three to five minutes fireworks display never ceases to amaze its audience. A definite must see when you are in Baguio City to spend your Christmas vacation.
  6. Enjoy the Cool Air – One thing that I noticed during my Photowalk in Baguio City as compared with other places is that as I walk around the City I do not get all that sweaty even if the sun is at its peak. I guess one of the best thing that Baguio City can offer is its natural aircon so you could enjoy the different sites of Baguio without looking for a shopping mall to cool down.

3 thoughts on “Christmas In Baguio

  1. Yes, definitely Baguio has a lot to offer during Christmas time compare to other parts of the country. The cool weather is a plus factor

    1. How about this week, is the weather too bad? Cause as what the news says, will be a rainy day there. Thanks for the assistance.

      1. As for our experience today there are just some showers, cloudy but not too much rain.
        Edit: As of today December 16, 2015 Baguio City is experiencing continuous rains since last night

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