Panagbenga Hobbyist Photographer Accreditation

A Call to All those who have acquired an I.D. for the Panagbenga as Hobbyists, please be reminded that the I.D. is a privilege and not a right, therefore you should not abuse such. Please do not flash your I.D. just to grab the spot of a spectator just to get your shot. As Photographers we should be discreet and not interfere with the proceedings of the parade. Let us all review the Guidelines set forth by the organizers of the Photographer Accreditation and must not in any way violate such guidelines.

We pray that you would follow such guidelines and would not resort to any abusive behavior during the Grand Parades.


Thank You and Happy Panagbenga.

23 thoughts on “Panagbenga Hobbyist Photographer Accreditation

  1. downloaded the forms already..
    question: how about those who dont have a group/organization.. just a freelance photographer..what should we do with the certification part..

    1. In our experience, we leave that part blank and apply as individual freelancer, just make sure to inform the secretariat when you submit your documents.

  2. Sir/Madam…regarding the individual freelancer, do we have a chance to get our ID and have a chance to experience the great festival and participate in some photo contests as a freelance photo hobbyist?…we have great hopes on this matter…thanks so much for your support…

    1. There were some individual freelancers that were given ID’s last year, as to your chance of being accredited that would already depend on the hands of the accreditation committee in-charge.

  3. me and my fellow freeland photographers will be coming from Manila. can we send our application forms via email? just like 2 years ago, we sent it via email together with other required documents. please assist.

  4. I would like to ask if when and how will we know if we were accredited to be a Panagbenga Photo Hobbyist after we submitted our forms?…Will you have any announcements in the newspaper or any post in the PTA Bldg. Bulletin? …Thanks for your support and have a great day…

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Deadline was last January 25, 2012. It was written in the forms, if you were not able to process your id do not worry because if you just pick the right spot you can still get great shots.

  5. I didn’t get accredited, no calls or whatever 🙁 was there a limit to how many private hobbyists getting accredited?

    I just came up early instead and grabbed some decent spots, I saw some photogs however *without* id’s in the middle of the street, what’s up with that?

    1. Yes, there were limitations in the number of id’s being given out however to actually verify if you have been disapproved you should follow it up with the panagbenga secretariat, they will be glad to refer you to the person in-charge. I too witnessed those photographers with no i.d. and yet were able to stay at the middle of the road, however in fairness to the marshals those without any i.d. were dispersed (from where i was standing at least). I believe you were able to shoot great photos as you were able to efficiently choose a prime spot :-).

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