Panagbenga Festival Grand Parade Route

So its almost the day of the Baguio City’s Panagbenga Grand Parades, we already hear school bands practicing their presentation. The streets are lined up with banners of the Panagbenga Festival and activities abound. One of the Highlight of the Panagbenga Festival is the Grand Parade happening on February 25 and 26, 2012. One of the most effective way to enjoy these parades is to be at a strategic place that would allow you to watch the parades up close and personal and maybe take one Photo or two.

First time spectators of the Grand Parades may have problems in looking for a suitable place to stay and witness the grand parades, the prudent place to stay in this situation would be at athletic bowl, the last stop of the parades, however if you are not fond of waiting then it would be best to stay along the parade routes. The Panagbenga Secretariat has been kind enough to send us a copy of the parade route, you can use this to plan where you and your family could really strategically stay to enjoy the parade.

A Call to all Parade Audiences

One request though please do respect the marshalls and the limit as to where you can stay, the Grand Parades are for everybody to enjoy and not just for a select few. We can all enjoy the Panagbenga Festival Grand Parades by following the simple guidelines and rules set by the Panagbenga festival organizers



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3 thoughts on “Panagbenga Festival Grand Parade Route

    1. Hi,

      I think so, i will update the site with the parade route, although there is an announcement by DPWH that Session road is going to be upgraded and improved which is supposed to start January 8, 2013, I am currently watching out for any changes or plan b’s.

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