Azalea Residences Baguio Your Holiday Haven! – A Family Review

Every now and then we discover new things about baguio city, some good and some would simply make you say Wow! This is my family’s initial reaction when we reached the Azalea Residences here in the City of Pines. Allow us to  share to you our holiday haven “staycation” experience in one of Baguio’s newly discovered bliss.

Azalea Residences Initial Impressions

For someone born, raised and living in Baguio City i would not miss any structure that rise within the City, but Azalea Residences definitely missed my watchful eye, the only time i noticed the presence of this new hotel is when it saw their blue sign in Leonard Wood Road just before the bridge near C.M. Recto street.

Last Friday March 30, 2012, we were invited to stay in Azalea Residences and upon reaching the front area of the hotel everybody in the vehicle, i think even the taxi driver, said Wow! Why, because the exterior of the hotel is just so captivating giving us the impression that this is not just your average hotel. We were warmly greeted by the hotel staff and upon reaching the front desk our registration was already prepared and we just need to sign the needed documents.

Being a new hotel all the facilities from where i was standing looks so clean and the scent in the hotel air is an indication that facilities are all new. My family was given room 108, the doors are unlocked using a keycard, i am always fascinated by keycards unlocking mechanisms but more on that later.

Hotel Azalea Deluxe Room

Upon entering our room we have the same reaction as when we were pulling up the hotel entrance and that is, Wow! Yes, call me ignorant but it is my first time to use a very spacious hotel room! The room is not only for resting but it is also for cooking dishes, yes the deluxe room is equipped with a kitchen complete with different cupboards and dining area, looking at it, the azalea residences room is more of a condominium type rather than a typical baguio hotel room.


Scrutinizing the Baguio Hotel Azalea Residences Room:

My family wasted no time in scrutinizing the room right after our bell hop exited the room. Just like CSI investigators we immediately searched the room, for what? I don’t know really, but what i can tell about my family is that we always search for something new, something we haven’t seen and the Azalea residences did not disappoint…

For Reservations You Can Email:

Call: Manila Reservations: +632.579.4890/ +632.579.4894
Baguio Reservations: +6374.442.8888


Map to Azalea Residences

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