Lakbay Baguio’s Best Baguio Restaurants

Baguio City is teeming with Food Establishments, this could be attributed with the fact that Baguio City is one of the Philippines’ premier tourist destination. Often times tourists in Baguio City may find it difficult to decide on where to eat because of the mere fact that there are indeed a lot of choices. The Malls in Baguio City is already home to a lot of food establishments but of course some people would like to experience something that is truly Baguio. During our family food escapades, yes we do it once in a while, we were able to try different Baguio Restaurants and the following are what we believed to be the top Baguio Restaurants that every traveler or tourist and even residents in Baguio must try:

The Best Baguio Restaurants Criteria

Before anything else i think it would be best to give the criteria on how my family judged the establishments, our basis is simple it is founded on the three M’s these are Masarap (Delicious), Madami (lots in terms of quantity) and Mura (affordable). Those five listed here are of course not ranked in any particular order as we believe that each establishment has its own strengths, those not included in our list may either not yet visited or…you know.

The  Best Baguio Restaurants

  • Central Park – repeatedly visiting and eating at a certain restaurant means something, this is what i think of Central Park. Their menu never ceases to amaze  me. I have this impression that Chinese food does not really focus on presentation instead it focuses on taste. However, Central Park focused on both presentation and taste. On the Masarap Scale they get a perfect score, i have tried almost everything in the menu and believe me the taste is great. This is where i ate my first Fish Salad and not the kind of salad that has lots of veggies rather it is the salad that has similar texture with a macaroni salad. They have a wide variety of dimsums and they even have “adidas”, chicken feet. Yum!
  •  Good Taste – This restaurant ranks high in the Mura (affordability) scale, for less than one hundred pesos you will be able to have a full meal. They also have a wide variety of food in their menu, there are lots of Baguio Folks, Students and Tourists eating at Good Taste this is why their restaurant at the back or Center Mall could no longer accommodate the influx of hungy clients that is why they have to build an entire building at Carino Street. The only thing i can say is everytime we go to Good Taste to eat at their new building, we have to wait to be seated that shows how popular this baguio restaurant is. Try their Buttered Chicken and their  Steamed Chicken both are scrumptious and affordable too! For a Single full meal their Good Taste rice is a must try!
  • 50’s Diner – This Baguio Restaurant truly defines Baguio City, you have not eaten in Baguio if you have not tried eating at 50’s diner. Formerly located at Abanao street this restaurant is grew into two branches one at General Luna Road and another at Military Cut Off. The Original however is the establishment at General Luna. One thing you will notice here is its 50’s look and its 50’s type of menu but believe me they give generous servings! Their must try are Guys in the Hood a medley of pork chop, fried chicken, buttered veggies/rice, spaghetti and Pizza. Their Seafood menu is also very delicious. The price? Well you just need a little over 100 to have that filling meal. They also serve one of the best Banana Split as well as Milkshakes.
  • Retro Diner – A concept similar to that of 50’s Diner, Retro diner is located at the La Azotea building in Session road just below Sports House. The concept may be similar to that of 50’s Diner but the food is different both in taste and servings. Retro Diner serves the Biggest Burger i have ever seen, the Biggest Pancake, The Biggest Bowl of Cheese Potato Soup and the Tallest Burger. For around 200 pesos you can buy a burger that is good for 2-4 persons. Or if you are feeling adventurous you should try their Tallest Burger, the Burger Overload. Their Pizza here is also great and you can even order half and half of each pizza flavor you want.
  • Kalapaw – If your palette is looking for the taste of the North then you have to visit Kalapaw restaurant in Engineers Hill Baguio City. They serve authentic Ilocano Dishes like sinanglaw, poqui-poqui among others. They have a menu called the Boodle Fight menu where for a price starting from 400 pesos you will be able to have a big serving of food good for 3-4 persons, if you are more than four persons you could order their other boodle fight sets. It is a complete meal giving you a little of everything from soup to grilled protein (fish or meat). If you are craving for an original Ilocos Empanada you can order it at Kalapaw Restaurant.
  • Beggang Resto Grill – i was about to keep the list to Five when my daughter asked me to include her favorite restaurant. This is Beggang Resto Grill, it is located at the  Skating Rink in Burnham Park, fronting the athletic bowl. it is connected with the Quirante’s Fun House where you can find bump cars, ferris wheels and other rides, now you know why it is my daughter’s favorite place. Well, not to give the wrong impression the food tastes great! They serve several set meals good for 3-4 persons at an affordable price. I specially love their Sizzling Garlic Tuna and their Bibingka is the Biggest, most creative and delicious i have ever seen and tasted, they also have the best Avocado, Strawberry and Buko Shakes, and it is affordable, the place is good not only for eating but also for holding meetings. So for Mom and Dad who would like to treat their children this is a perfect spot.

The Best Baguio Restaurant List

This list was created and inspired by the fact that eating is one of my family’s favorite thing to do and the fact that we understand how difficult it is to decide on where to eat in Baguio City, it is our hope that we have narrowed your choices down, we welcome any suggestions if you have regarding different Baguio Restaurants that may be included in the list. This is not a paid post.

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