SMART Help Others to Livemore

There are some rare moments when you see a company giving back to the public in manner where people will truly benefit regardless of his or her own product preference. SMART Communications is one of the companies whom i find to be truthful in their campaign to care for the community. Through the SMART Kabalikat the company is implementing different community care projects where people regardless of product preference will benefit.

Give Blood, Live More

Last July 26, 2012 Baguio City experienced this kind of corporate care from SMART through their blood donation drive dubbed as Give Blood, Live More. This project has been running for about three years now and every year the response from the public is astounding. I am lucky to have witnessed this event and although I was not able to donate blood, since I really do not get much sleep nowadays at least 8 hours of sleep is a requirement to donate blood you know, I was still lucky to see the willing volunteers in this blood donation drive. The event was spearheaded by Ms. Nina Escaño, SMART’s supervisor for Customer Care in Baguio City.

Giving More

This project of SMART is of course would not be a success without the help from their partner University of Baguio who have been providing the venue for such an event and the Philippine National Red Cross who is in-charge of helping out in the blood extraction process. Students from the medical field particularly those from the School of Medical Technology have been brave enough to volunteer in donating blood. I was there in the morning and already I see a long line of willing blood donors. I have never seen a long line of people giving their blood, the only time when I saw a long line is when purchasing cinema ticket for a popular movie or lining up to get some relief goods.  This just goes to show that indeed many people are trying to help out in every little way they can.

Criteria Before Donating Blood

Of course not everyone can donate blood you have to be physically fit, there are several criteria or guidelines that must be followed before you can donate blood. I managed to take a snapshot of the guidelines provided by the Philippine National Red Cross which you can find Below.

 Benefits of Donating Blood

From what I have learned when I donated blood way back when I was in College donating blood is one way for you to produce new and healthy blood in your own system to replenish those that were lost, it is similar to a car’s change oil. Another benefit is that when you donate blood sponsored by SMART you get to receive a cool blood donation ID card.


 The Real Benefit

Your blood donation will go a long way, apart from the cool items that you might be receiving the real benefit is knowing the fact that you might be saving someone else’s life. The life that you save could be someone close to you. Kudo’s SMART, Red Cross and University of Baguio and to the blood donors, indeed you are helping others to livemore!



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