Why Visit Baguio City During the Rainy Season

The months of June to August and sometimes persisting up to October is known as the typhoon season in the Philippines and yes Baguio City is not spared from this natural phenomenon. However, it is not everyday that we are experiencing such stormy weather. During this time of the year Baguio City is experiencing rainy afternoons, and this is what makes Baguio City a prime tourist destination during the rainy seasons.

Why Visit Baguio City During the Rainy Season?

Many travelers who would like to experience the cold weather of Baguio City usually come to visit during December up to the Summer Months of March to May. This may be because of the fact that many would like to escape the hot weather conditions in the lowlands. However, Baguio City is still a good place to visit during the rainy season and here are some reasons why.

1. Experience the Fog – in the afternoon Baguio City usually is “kissed by the clouds”. It is foggy and a good time to walk around the city or in the ecological tourist spots like the trails in Camp John Hay. Sometimes the fog is so thick that visibility is almost zero. It may look like a scene from silent hill but hey try walking through the fog with your love one or special someone I bet it is going to be very romantic.

2. Smell the Sweet Scent of Pine – the most common tree in Baguio City is the Pinus Insularis or the Benguet Pine Tree. Due to the blowing of the wind and the rain pine needles are commonly seen scattered around the city. It may be the rain or any other factor but during this time the scent of pine needles are very much apparent, especially in the early morning after a brief night rain.

3. Good Deals – unlike during the Panagbenga Festival season, Christmas Season or Summer season, the rainy season prompts a lot of Baguio Hotels to lower their rates and gives large discounts. Not only that some Baguio restaurants and Pasalubong Centers also are giving discounts and good deals for the rainy season.

Visit Baguio City

So why do we need to visit Baguio City during the rainy season? Because Experiencing Rain is More Fun In Baguio City. Not to mention the fact that mountain waterfalls are active during this season so during your travel up to Baguio City you are treated to scenic views of mountains and flowing waters which looks like milk flowing down the mountains.

After The Rain…



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  1. sir vince good morning… Thank for writing this article.. I also want to ask if it’s possible to go around famous palce in baguio such ah burnham park camp john hay mines view park on foot??^^ I plan to roam a round just a day.

    1. The locations you mentioned although it is possible to walk to these places, they are far from each other. Whats feasible maybe is if you walk from good sheperd to mines view park to Mansion House then wright park to Botanical Garden, teachers camp then Camp John Hay

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