Baguio City a Place for Weddings

Aside from being popularly known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, the City of Pines, Character City, the Cleanest and Greenest City, Baguio City is also popularly known as a wedding city, although the name was not actually officially bestowed. Many couples wanting to get married choose Baguio City because of the cold weather and the romantic scenery. Not only that the city is teeming with business establishments that caters to your wedding needs. From wedding dresses to wedding receptions there is bound to be a business that would cater to such specific need.

For Accommodations and Wedding Receptions there are several Baguio Hotels that are definitely designed to cater to such needs. Azalea residences is one such location, they have a tent that can cater to more than a hundred persons, they are located in a quiet community away from the hustle and bustle of the city and they have beautifully designed buildings which is good for pre-nup photoshoots. Of course there are other hotels in Baguio it is just a matter of choosing which your best fit your desires and needs.

For Wedding Dress – you need not have any problem in looking for wedding dresses as Baguio City is also full of tailors catering to weddings. One such example is M&J’s Bridaltown located at the second floor of the Maharlika Livelihood Center. They cater not only to weddings but also to different occasions. They do specialize in wedding dresses though and have created fashionable and beautifully crafted wedding gowns.

For Lasting Memories – of course a wedding is not complete without those photos and videos that will serve as your memory of one of the most special event in your life. There are several photo establishments offering their services for weddings and other events just like cloudninestudios, ran by professional photographers they offer wedding photography packages and if you want your wedding to be fun also for your guests you can avail of their photobooth package. All for a reasonable and competitive price but of the highest quality.

The Environment – aside from the business establishments that caters to your wedding needs Baguio is a good place to get married just because Baguio is Baguio, the cold pine scented air, the foggy mornings and afternoons and majestic cityscape creates a romantic atmosphere that truly makes your wedding day a memorable one.

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