Baguio City’s 103rd Charter Day Parade

September 1 is always a special day for Baguio City, this is because it is the Charter Day of this cool city. Way back in 1909 during the time of the Americans, Baguio was given it’s charter as a city. From that day on we celebrate the city’s charter and have dubbed it as Baguio Day. Of course this is not just a one day celebration, throughout the years the Baguio day celebration has evolved from one day to a one month celebration, of course we Filipinos are not really contented with just celebrating an occasion for just a day, we do celebrate Christmas as soon as the “ber” months starts.

Baguio City Charter Day Parade

This year the Baguio Day parade started right after the program that was held at the Baguio Convention Center. The morning program started at 8am and was graced by the Saint Louis University President Rev. Father Jessie Hechanova as the guest speaker. Of course the City’s Officials from Congressman to the Barangay Captains were also present. Both the government sector and the private business sectors were well represented. The parade started at around 10am from Convention center down to Session road, the first part of the parade showcased a diorama of the history of the City of Baguio. Role plays depicting the first settlers of Baguio up to the present gave spectators a glimpse of Baguio City’s past.

The SLU Marching Band gave life and color to the parade donning their uniforms and playing familiar tunes. As always their presentation was commendable. Of course we should not forget the refined presentation of the PMA Marching Band where every year they never cease to amaze their audience.

SLU Parade Baguio City Charter Day Parade

The Government sector was represented by the different officials of the city as well as the different administrators of the different Government offices. The 128 Barangays in Baguio was also well represented by its Barangay Captains and its officials.

Of course the private sector also joined in the parade, it is good to see several Baguio-born businesses showing their support for the city of Baguio not only by marching down session road but also dancing while going down Baguio’s famous road.

Goshenland Dance

Looking into the Future

The Baguio Day parade actually marks not only the Charter day of Baguio, but also the “ber” months, the panagbenga months and the summer months all these months are the so-called peak season in Baguio City. As stated it is a one-month celebration so you can still catch Baguio’s celebration you just need to find the Baguio Day Schedule that would fit you.

Well as the temperature in the City goes down as Christmas draws near one of the things that many tourists are looking forward to… is feel the cold air and smell the sweet scent of pine. Truly the Baguio City Charter Day marks the long celebration of Christmas, Panagbenga 2013 and Summer.



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