Camp John Hay Opens the Forest Lodge

Following its commitment to open a total of one thousand hotel rooms inside the former American Base in Baguio City, Camp John Hay, the Forest Lodge was opened last September 1, 2012. The opening was a night of fun and dancing and walk through different experiences. The event was graced by the Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan who also spearheaded the blessing and the sounding of the gongs. Baguio City Congressman Bernardo Vergara was also present who gave his speech congratulating the Forest Lodge executives in their grand opening. Several personalities were also spotted during the opening but bottomline is that the event is all about Forest Lodge.

After the blessing from Baguio City Bishop Carlito Cenzon, the Blessing from Mayor Domogan and the sounding of the Gongs attendees were treated to a spectacular fireworks display, unfortunately it was too foggy and was raining at that time making it difficult yo see and enjoy the sky lighting up.

Fireworks Display at the Forest Lodge Baguio

After the fireworks display we entered the lobby of the Forest Lodge, which i could not assess properly as the lighting was too purple, coming from the lighting effects which is of course really not part of the hotel’s lighting but it was just set up for the event to add more flair to the presentations which would happen later that evening.

The energetic staff of the Forest Lodge came out to give a dance presentation which made the night so alive, the audience were “mobbed” as in Flash mobbed. Donning their work uniform the staff gave a presentation that made the audience dance where they stand.

Forest Lodge Baguio Staff Presentation

Apart of course from the presentations during the night the attendees were also treated to various food ranging from Japanese to American dishes. I especially enjoyed the Japanese food as they are prepared and cooked in front of you, a myriad of sushi dishes gave attendees such delight. Dumplings were also served as well as the All-time Filipino Food Favorite dessert the puto bumbong.


The Dumpling Station a walk to China
Turning Japanese
Have a cold one

All i can say is the food was really outstanding and the staff were really courteous and great. As for the hotel itself, well i was there for the opening and was not really able to try out the hotel amenities but from what i have gathered it was designed for people who would like to stay inside Camp John Hay for a little less. Their Superior Room price starts at 2,900 pesos, A deluxe room would cost 3,300 pesos while their One-Bedroom Suite costs 5,400 pesos all for one night stay. So is the Forest Lodge the Best Baguio Hotel? That of course remains to be seen.

So if you want to visit Baguio City and would like to stay inside Camp John Hay then reserve your accommodations at the Forest Lodge Now.

For reservations, please call The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay’s Manila Sales Office at (02)678-6710 687-0351 and 687-6524, or email:

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