The Story of the Baguio City White Lady

Baguio City is known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, the Character City, the City of Pines, City of Flowers among others, but there is one more thing that Baguio is known for, the haunted city. As a person born and raised in the City of Baguio, I have heard and personally experienced several paranormal activities, which makes this “baguio boy’s” life a lot more exciting. The presence of these supernatural beings may be attributed to the fact that Baguio City is rich in history and people have been living here since the early days and some of those early settlers are believed to have not crossed to the “other side” instead have chosen to walk among us.

Popular Baguio Ghost Story

One of the famous ghost story in Baguio City is the Loakan White Lady. It was believed that a woman was raped and murdered along Loakan road ( this is the road that leads to Camp John Hay, PEZA and PMA), and her spirit is said to have chosen to roam Loakan road forever, some also have said that her spirit resided in a pine tree found at the middle of the road.

Encounters With the Loakan White Lady

The Loakan Road

Many taxi drivers during the 90’s up to the present have experienced an encounter with the Loakan White Lady. One story was when a taxi driver was plying the loakan road area and as he glanced at his rear view mirror there he saw a lady dressed in white sitting at the back seat of the taxi, he was so scared but drove on, and after a while he again glanced at the rear view mirror and the lady is gone.

Another was a story of a motorist who was also driving along Loakan road and at the exact point where the pine tree at the middle of the road was he saw a lady crossed the street only to disappear into thin air.

Close Encounters

One of the stories about the Loakan road was told by my mother, she was working for Texas Instruments before and it was November 1, she was on a night shift duty and one of the perks of working for such a company is that a company bus is provided for transportation. She told me on that night while the bus was travelling along Loakan road the lights of the bus went out and then the bus went into a gradual halt. For several minutes they were stranded in the middle of the road  in the dark. The driver cant figure out whats wrong so he uttered a short prayer and just after that the lights went back on and when the driver started the engine it functioned as if it was in perfect condition.

The Tree At the Middle of Loakan Road

If you visit Loakan road now the tree is no longer there. The DPWH and the City Government of Baguio decided to cut it down because a lot of accidents are happening in that area. But one thing that made my bones chill is when i learned that there were several attempts to cut down the tree but to no avail because those who attempted to cut the tree got ill. Several Canao (Cordilleran Ritual to Appease the Spirits) was done before cutting the tree but every time somebody attempts to cut the tree negative effects befall the bearer of the ax or saw. I am not sure about the veracity of the following details but it was said that the person who was successful in cutting the tree died several months later.

The Area Where the Tree Used to Stand

Loakan Cemeteries

Apart from the tree at the middle of the road, you will also find three cemeteries along Loakan. These cemeteries were for those who fought in World War 2 and those early employees of the U.S. Military Resort in Baguio City the Camp John Hay.

It was said in other stories that aside from the tree where the white lady is said to reside, the entity also manifests the strongest at the areas fronting and within the any of the cemeteries, sometimes motorists who experienced such manifestations share the same stories on where they were along Loakan road when they saw the lady at the back seat of their vehicle and where it disappeared and their stories matched, coincidence? maybe…

Loakan at Present Day

If you have visited Loakan road many years back you will see the different white crosses properly aligned similar to what you see in US Military Cemeteries, sadly today you only see remnants of those as the tombs are said to have been transferred somewhere else and when i examined the area i only saw two crosses and a tombstone.

As for the tree and the White Lady, even after the tree was cut, many taxi drivers and motorists still tell stories of their encounter with the White Lady of Loakan Road, she may have chosen to stay in the human plane and to forever walk that long stretch of a road known as Loakan.

The Loakan Road See if you Can Spot Her…

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  1. When I was still working at a call center in EPZA, a female friend hitched a ride with a water delivery truck because she was going to be late. Not far from where she got in, another lady flagged them down to hitch a ride too. About 200 meters or so before the call center, the lady got off. When the lady got off, she just disappeared in plain sight. I told my friend maybe the lady was there to protect her.

  2. I always run in those said places and even at night. I never saw a ghost. is that because I’m a Atheist?

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