Beggang Resto Grill – A Taste of Filipino Cuisine

Today’s Special

Few are the times when restaurant get’s regular clients. Most of the time different food establishments get’s the loyalty of their clients because of expensive advertising and different marketing strategies. The thing that I appreciate about Beggang Resto Grill is they do none of such expensive marketing strategies and advertising.

First Encounter with Beggang

I appreciate people who can walk the talk so to speak, more so for a restaurant that claims their food to be delicious and actually deliver such. Me and my family are regular customers of Beggang Resto Grill, the first time that we entered this restaurant is not because we want to try their food but rather we were so hungry that the closest restaurant  from the Quirantes Arcade is none other than Beggang. Call it laziness or call it fate we ended up eating at this restaurant. After a quick look at the menu you can immediately realize that they serve Filipino Cuisine, the first time we were there was the time when we were not being choosy and because we are so hungry and deciding on what to eat really takes a lot of time (when it comes to food we can’t seem to make up our mind), we just politely asked the waiter on what their specialties are.

Lots of Care…Kare-Kare

Beggang Resto Grill Specialties

We were informed that this and that are their specialties, practically everything in the menu was mentioned, i thought to myself wow that was a lot of help! Not wanting to order everything in the menu, we settled for Sizzling Garlic Tuna, Dinuguan, Bibingka and Strawberry shakes, i must remind you this happened around January or February 2012 when strawberries were in season. Service was fast, maybe because we looked famished, or maybe im drooling which makes it so obvious that i can eat a kilo of meat. After the first bite of their Sizzling Garlic Tuna i was hooked, everything we ordered were so delicious i had to plan my next visit to this restaurant.

Dinuguan, Blood Broth

Fast Forward to October 2012, It is almost every month that we visit the children’s park for my daughter to play and it became a routine for us to eat lunch or snacks at Beggang Resto Grill. At present we love their Fresh Lumpia and Buko Shake. Their fresh lumpia is so delicious you would not hesitate to ask for seconds while their buko shake took me back to my childhood back when i was a fan of ice candy buko flavor, kinda like the ratatouille effect, remember when Igor tasted the ratatouille in the movie?

Fresh Lumpia with Avocado Shake

Rare are the moments when a food takes you back to your childhood, so i guess with Beggang this is possible. Apart from delicious food Beggang offers their cuisines at a very affordable price. For a full meal that is good for four persons you only have to spend around  400 pesos and above depending on your order, what we can guarantee though is that you will never spend a fortune for a food that is golden in taste.


Beggang Resto Grill is located at the Skating Rink at Burnham Park. If you are going to use the main entrance just go straight, through the Carousel Area and you will see their entrance. Another entrance would be found fronting the area where buses for excursions in Baguio City are usually parked.

Try eating at Beggang Resto Grill and I’m sure you will be hooked!

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  1. Mike it is in the skating rink area you just have to go around and look for the area fronting the wide parking lot, or you can look for the public restroom near the skating rink, you cant miss it.

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