The Haunted Barangay in Baguio City

I will start this story about my cousin who is a Taxi Driver in Baguio City, i always ride his taxi every time I feel like i would like to discover something new in Baguio City. Sometime early this month he told me that we should visit the haunted Barangay. I thought to myself there are several haunted places in Baguio City but an entire community? C’mon!

My cousin was so serious about it that he even mentioned that taxi drivers would not want to go to that area at night because of the different “supernatural” entities emanating from that community. I was really intrigued when he said that one day when he dropped a passenger in that area he saw a man which he thought was hailing for his cab, as he approached he saw that the man has a disfigured face, a knife and bloodied white polo.

I was still very skeptical about his story but he really sounded really convincing. Several days went by and i still cannot shake the images from my non-stop churning brain. Until finally i told my cousin to take me to that barangay. With on one hand and an iPhone on the other we set out for the Haunted Barangay. When we are close to our destination I asked which barangay was it and he said it’s Barangay Hillside. I read somewhere that prior to being called Hillside the Barangay’s name was Sip-sipnget (darkness), so i was about 50% convinced. When we arrived at the place i was so horrified of what i saw:

Warning: Graphic Material

The Following Photos were taken at the Haunted Barangay:


A bloodied man Hailing a Taxi
Park at Your Own Risk
This is Yet to Come
Hanged Man..eerr Monster?
The Spider’s Web
Supernatural Beings at Barangay Hillside

Ok I admit, it is not really a Haunted Barangay, further research yielded that this is an activity that the Barangay is annually conducting and they are not limited to doing this for Halloween they also decorate their streets to celebrate the Christmas season. I personally appreciate the fact that the community are supportive of this activity and that they have pitched in their contributions how little it may be. Next time that you are in Baguio City for the Halloween season, visit Barangay Hillside for a community decoration. Oh also if you plan to spend Christmas in Baguio City visit Barangay Hillside and see unique Christmas Decorations. Now I’m wondering with a barangay as active as this what would be their decorations for the Panagbenga 2013.

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