The Haunted Laperal White House

This story has been passed on from one generation to another, every person born and raised in Baguio City would know or at least have an idea on what the Laperal White House is all about. The Laperal White house was originally owned by the Laperal’s a prominent family and among the first settlers in Baguio City, the house was built in the year 1920. It is said that the house is witness to several gruesome killings during the second world war but of course this fact could not be verified.

The Haunted House in Baguio City

The Haunting at Laperal White House

The Laperal White House is located along a city road but this does not inhibit the house from manifesting several supernatural phenomenon. One story that i’ve heard is that there is a woman drenched in blood showing herself at the entrance of the house. One popular story is that which was said by former workers at the PNKY restaurant, the restaurant is just across the street fronting the Laperal White House, several customers of the restaurant are saying that they saw several human like figures as if watching them from the window of the white house, one even screamed when she saw from the mirror a reflection of the woman drenched in blood. Since then the PNKY owners have made several structural changes to block the view of the customers towards the Laperal House this is why if you visit PNKY it is already elevated.

Baguio City’s Haunted House

Reasons for the Haunting

According to several accounts people who lived nearby or even those who pass by the area during the night would hear screams as if people are being tortured. It was said that during the Second World War the Laperal House was used by the Japanese as a Garrison and upon occupancy the Japanese soldiers murdered the family members. This of course is an unverified account, logically it may be possible as it is quite near the known Japanese Cave found inside what is now known as the Baguio Botanical Garden. Yes, there is a cave in the Botanical Garden where you can find several cubicles which is believed to be the sleeping quarters of the Japanese Soldiers.

My Personal Experience

Way back in 1996 when i was in High School the Fourth Years would have their recollection, ours was done at Teacher’s Camp, this is an overnight event however for those who did not pay for the accommodations and those who does not have their parents with them must go home. Since we live far from the City I asked my classmate if i could stay at their place at Jungle Town, which is near Leonard Wood Road. As the time for us to go home around nine in the evening my classmate asked if we can just walk going to their place, having that sense of adventure we walked from teachers’ camp to Jungle Town, walking to their house means walking along the road where the Laperal White House was located. We finally reached the Laperal White Houses’ front gate when my classmate told me to look at the house, we saw a white figure (could be fog) that is coming down from what seems to be the attic down to the front entrance, suddenly my friend started running so i followed, i thought we were being chased by dogs or something. We ran until we reached the road going to Jungle Town, when i asked him why he said he saw a woman coming towards us….


Forever Haunted?


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