Unwrapping A Baguio City Pasalubong – The Raisin Bread

As a travel blogger, i envy those who found their niche in the field of technology. The reason for this is that famous tech bloggers actually get the latest gadget for review, they get to UNBOX the gadgets that companies send to them and actually test the same. I thought to myself with so many tech bloggers out there what are the chances of my own tech blog to be noticed? (Yes, i do have a tech blog too!).

Unwrapping Baguio Pasalubong

Ok well it might take months or years for my tech blog to gain popularity, however my desire to review and unbox is immediate, so for the series of blogs that focuses on Baguio City Pasalubong, I will Unbox..err UNWRAP some of Baguio City’s best Pasalubong. The first in this series of Pasalubong Unwrapping would be Baguio Country Clubs’ Famous Raisin Bread.

The Legend of the Country Club Raisin Bread

The first question would be have you gone inside Baguio Country Club? For a Baguio Resident that lived here for well all my life I can only count with my fingers the number of times when i was inside Baguio Country Club. The reason why I asked this is because previously the Baguio Country Club Raisin Bread is only available at the bakery inside the Club and it is not open to the public, you either have to own a share or know someone who owns a share in BCC to purchase the raisin bread for you. Again let me reiterate this was before, now Baguio Country Club was kind enough to share their famous raisin bread to the public by placing a small stall at SM Baguio, known as Villa Cordillera.

Unwrapping Now

I was lucky enough to purchase one of the remaining three raisin breads at Villa Cordillera and i have decided to share the raisin bread experience. The wrapping of the raisin bread was the traditional paper marked with the Baguio Country Club logo, it is sealed with a sticker which also state the reheating procedure. One thing I appreciate with the wrapping is that it also contains a mark of quality seal, showing the fact that the raisin bread has gone through quality checks, all that work for a raisin bread? It shows how special this raisin bread is.

Raisin Bread Size

I got curious on how long the raisin bread was so I got our measuring tape and found out that the bread’s length from end to end is roughly sixteen inches (16″). So you will get 16 slices if you cut the raisin bread at 1 inch per slice.

Raisin bread in Baguio City

Removing the First Layer

After removing the sticker seal and unwrapping the raisin bread you will be greeted with a second layer a thin wax paper-like material which i believe seals in the freshness. After removing the second layer you will now fully see and smell the sweet aroma of cinnamon and raisin.

The Baguio Raisin Bread Unwrapped

Slicing the Bread

Using a bread knife i sliced the bread at approximately 1 inch in size and this is where you can see why this raisin bread is special. Most of the raisin breads i’ve seen or eaten only have few raisins but for the Baguio Country Club Raisin bread it is packed with raisins not to mention the bread is compact and raisins does not fall off that easily. Upon slicing you will smell the increased aroma of cinnamon and raisin which makes your mouth water.

Slices of the legendary Baguio Raisin Bread

Tasting the Baguio Country Club Raisin Bread

So the final test is to taste this raisin bread. Biting into the bread you would realize the softness of the bread. Also, the cinnamon, although distinguishable because of its aroma, it does not over power the taste of the raisin bread. You can still taste the raisin, the cinnamon and the bread all blending together into a sweet harmony.

The famous Baguio City Raisin Bread

Something Special

Slices of Raisin Bread

What makes the Baguio Country Club Raisin Bread special before is the fact that mystery is incorporated, remember not everyone can buy this during its early days. Today however, what makes this raisin bread so special is the fact that apart from the fact that it tastes good, it is also elegantly wrapped and packaged that it is a good choice for a “pasalubong” or gift to the people waiting for you back home. In my whole life being spent in Baguio I have tasted lots of different raisin breads but nothing compares to the balanced flavor of the Baguio Country Club Raisin Bread.


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