Adventure Brought Me to ResToeRun Baguio City

If you have been following my blog, you may have noticed that I have been writing about the different restaurants in Baguio City. To make this post a little bit different i would be sharing a new establishment in where it sounds like you can eat but i would not suggest you to do that. Before we go into that let me give you a short history on how i came to know the place the following are some discussions that led me to discovering an entirely new place in the City of Pines.

The Discussion

Friend (over the phone): Can we meet today and catch up or something?

Me: Sure! Where?

Friend: Meet me at the Ayala Technohub…

Me: Uhhh i’m in Baguio

Friend: Yep its in Baguio

Me: Where exactly is that?

Friend: At the Camp John Hay.

Me: Ok…

En Route to the Meeting Place

Taxi Driver: Where To?

Me: Ayala Technohub

Taxi Driver: Where Is That?

Me (at the back of my mind): Exactly…

The Dilemma

For someone in Baguio City when you say Ayala Technohub only few people would know where exactly that is. The places’ name is not really as popular as when you say Maharlika or Ukay-Ukay. Anyway, fast forward to today, after joining the world photowalk i noticed that my shoes are already showing signs that they have been constantly fighting a war, a war with rocks, uneven roads, pedestrian lanes, cold, heat and even friction. You see, i am not the kind of person who makes shoes to appear on top of my TO BUY list. The reason for this is that i have shoes that lasts for a very long time, so you could say i would go for quality over quantity.

The Search For Shoes in Baguio City

I would sometimes go for the UK brand (UKay – UKay) because of its affordability but it is really quite tiring to search all the Ukay Ukay stalls in Baguio just to find a good deal, i really do not have the patience for that. So I opted to visit the Malls but again when i arrived at the entrance of the mall there are too many people lined up to enter the mall. So again i hailed a taxi to bring me to Camp John Hay, i told the driver to bring me to Mile hi where I know there are some stalls that sells imported shoes. We used the Loakan Road gate and as we enter the Camp I noticed that there is a shoe store at the Ayala Technohub so to satisfy my curiosity i told the taxi driver to drop me in front of that establishment instead.

Discovering ResToeRun

Because it was late in the afternoon the temperature is so cold and the air was perfect for a walk i decided to go into a walk around the Technohub, and since i was in search for shoes i saw this interesting shoe store called Res|Toe|Run.


The ResToeRun Shop

Res|Toe|Run in Baguio City

The establishments looks simple enough, they sell several brands of shoes both fitting the tastes of men and women. I saw one of the most popular brand during my high school days the TreTorn, brings back memories as you would be the popular guy in school if you wear that brand.

Tretorn Wine?


Quality Shoes

The ResToeRun Space

The establishment is not really that big, but the space is enough to house a myriad of choices, aside from Tretorn, there are also products from FitFlop, which i hear a very feet friendly product for women as it is so comfortable to wear, there are also Sanuk products, remember the tagline these are not shoes?

More Space more on Sale!

More Products

Aside from those mentioned, there are other brands which i am not familiar with but the friendly staff explained that these are popular products abroad for their quality. Ting! Quality! I am almost sold! so to speak, almost because i  still have to know the price right? Looking at their price tags their men’s shoes starts from around two thousand and above. Ladies shoes could go from one thousand five hundred and above.

Expensive? And These Are Not Even Shoes!
More Shoes More Shoes

Quite expensive?

If you ask me no it’s not, this is because the quality and the materials used to make the shoes are of the highest quality. You would be getting your money’s worth with these shoes and basically it is returned to you via the longevity of the lifespan of such shoes. If you try to compute, purchase an inexpensive shoes which is of low quality, aside from the discomfort it gives your feet it also does not last long, now consider buying shoes quarterly or bi-annually for say nine hundred pesos a pair would that not amount to a pair of high quality shoes which gives you not only comfort but also longevity of use? Oh also we forgot to add in the ointment or the doctor’s bill for your sore feet when you use a really uncomfortable shoes.


Quality Products the Chef’s Choice

ResToeRun Baguio City

Apart from finding the brands that have been known for quality and comfort at RestoeRun i find it especially interesting on how they view their products. Its a fusion of a Restaurant theme with a shoe store, well they don’t sell food here but there is definitely a restaurant concept. The even have a menu where the Chef’s Choice is actually the product in highlight for the month i think. Their staff are dressed as food servers but instead of serving food they serve your feet with comfortable shoes. One thing that makes me wonder however is ResToeRun is actually written as Res|Toe|Run, i think this means something, but alas my sense for adventure ended, why not visit ResToeRun Baguio City and find out what it means? I would be happy to hear from you through my comment section below.


The Friendly Staff Will Entertain Your Questions
If The Shoe Fits

3 thoughts on “Adventure Brought Me to ResToeRun Baguio City

  1. I think I would also go for quality over quantity, especially for shoes, you have to buy one that would last longer than a cheaper one which would only give you a short time of service.

  2. I have not tried to buy shoes from the UK {ukay-ukay} because I don’t have the patience and the choices can be quite overwhelming. 😛

    I saw the SALE sign, so you know where to find me if I go missing. 😀 hahaha 😀

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