Christmas Activity in Baguio 2012 – The Baguio Country Club Christmas Village

Finally! The Baguio Country Club Christmas Village opened! and just like last year it is one of the must visit places in Baguio City during the Christmas Season and for 2012 the management made some slight changes. As usual the Christmas Village is located just across the Baguio Country Club gate.

I had the opportunity to visit Christmas Village thanks to our friends Reymart, Janet and Wendy (yey special shoutouts!). Although we promised that we would just be at the Christmas village for about 10 minutes and believe me it was the best 10 minutes photo tour!

What To See?

Upon entry you will be greeted by a friendly guard who would ask you to check-in your bags at the counter, believe me you wouldn’t want to carry large bags inside, just bring your valuables with you and don’t forget your camera!

After checking in my bags or boxes of donuts (thanks Janet)  I saw about five souvenir and food stalls on my right, not wanting to buy, i immediately turned left and saw small colorful houses i guess they were the smaller version of the Christmas House Centerpiece at SM. Good thing about the houses is that you can enter and take photos inside, that is if you all fit inside the house, again let me reiterate it is small, probably designed with children in mind.

Also, just like last year, the middle part of the Christmas Village is where they place most of their Christmas Trees however, this year they have placed a no entry sign so you can only appreciate the Christmas Trees from a distance.

The Christmas Trees

Take Photos with Fairies

You will find several Christmas Characters inside the Christmas Village, a group of people dressed up like shepherds and fairies…although i don’t think Fairies are Christmas Characters but hey their green costume adds to the color of Christmas and they are happy to take photos with you.

Take Photos With them

A stage was also set-up for different presentations like choirs singing Christmas carols however, during our visit you can only hear Christmas Songs playing in the background there was no presentation during that day or we might have missed it.

Snow Bubbles

The snow makers…eerrr…bubble makers are also in place which adds to the Christmas ambiance of the place. Unfortunately, too much bubbles made the ground wet and a bit muddy so when you see a bed of bubbles that may look like snow don’t lie down and try to make snow angels believe me its muddy. Also watch your step as it might get a little slippery.

Enjoying the Snow Bubbles…

The Price

Before you can enjoy the Christmas Village you of course have to pay a minimum amount its 40 pesos for adults and if I am not mistaken 30 pesos for Children. Hmmm…I think i need to visit the place once more this time with Children in Tow.

Thoughts and Impressions

The Baguio Country Club Christmas Village could be added to your “to visit” list when you are in Baguio City for the Christmas Season. The Decorations and the lights alone would make you feel that Christmas is indeed in the air. Our version of the Christmas Village may not match up to those huge Christmas Village in other Cities in the Philippines but hey we do have a huge advantage, our own natural “aircondition”. At night, when you visit the Christmas Village make sure to wear your Jacket, hoodies, scarf and anything that would protect you from the cold, because it is during this season that temperature drops, which makes you feel that Christmas is just around the corner.

Allow Us to Summarize the Experience through this Video

6 thoughts on “Christmas Activity in Baguio 2012 – The Baguio Country Club Christmas Village

  1. Kids 4 – 12 yrs old = P20 🙂
    Kids Below 4 = P10

    Open from 9am to 10pm
    Until January 6, 2013

    Schedule of Snow Fall: 10am, 12:30pm, 3pm; several times b/n 6pm – 10pm

    FOOT WEAR : NO SLIPPERS or anything LIKE IT (any open sandal actually) 🙂

  2. It’s a must see in Baguio city..been there last week..the only problem there is the manager Jennifer Dotdot ( hope I got her surname right) a tourist place like this is not the right place for a staff like her..soooo arrogant!

    1. Hi Nerry,

      So sorry to hear that, hope you brought the matter to the management of Baguio Country Club? I would like to hear your story about this incident as this will help the Management to improve their service.

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