Celebrate Christmas in Baguio 2012

Its November and all-saints-day and all-souls-day is over, that means in Baguio City and the Philippines…its Christmas Time! Unlike in other countries, the Philippines has the longest celebration of Christmas. It’s tradition I guess, one thing i really know is that many Filipinos are looking forward to this time of the year. I’m sure there are houses that are already setting up their Christmas Decorations. Hmmm…That makes me wonder, when is that house in Brookside going to put up their decorations? You see, there is a house in Brookside that gives joy to the passers-by as well as to their neighbors whenever Christmas is just around the corner (According to Philippines Standard). They bring joy to those visiting their area because of the different christmas decorations placed at their yard, everywhere you look there is a Christmas Decor giving the place a real Christmas feel. It would be best to visit the house at night because of the colorful Christmas Lights dancing to every Christmas Tune you can think of.

Christmas in Baguio

There are actually two houses in Baguio City that goes all out in decorating their Yard for everyone to see the other one is at Ferguson Road. If in case you are in Baguio City come December you might want to see these houses. These houses are of course still private property so you can enjoy the decorations from the street, unless you know the owners.

Celebrating Christmas in Baguio 2012

Ok so what are the things that we should look forward to this Christmas 2012 in Baguio City. I personally don’t have any idea but traditionally these are the things that might be happening in the Month of December in Celebration of Christmas.

1. Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony – every first week of December the Norfolk Pine Tree at lower session road is lighted signaling the start of Baguio’s month long Christmas celebration. The tree will remain lighted up to the end of the Panagbenga Festival. However, i noticed that the Norfolk Pine Tree is slowly losing its beauty. The City Government also noticed that the tree is slowly deteriorating, and one contributing factor could be the heat coming from the lights that is annually decorated on the tree. This is why this year the Norfolk Pine Tree will not be lighted instead the City Engineering and Architecture is going to build the biggest Christmas tree on top of Session Road. This tree is said to be made out of indigenous materials. Will this project push through? I really hope so!

2. Saint Louis University Lantern Parade – For several years Saint Louis University have been celebrating Christmas with their Lantern Parade. This evening parade showcases the different lantern designs by the students of Saint Louis University from Elementary to College. One group that you have to watch for during parade is the undefeated College of Medicine because of their creative and glowing lanterns that brightens up Session Road and Melvin Jones.

3. Silahis ng Pasko – an activity that is organized by the energetic Baguio Pioneer Nars Padilla. The Silahis ng Pasko is an event that features the good heart of the people of Baguio City by delivering the Yuletide spirit to children, the elderly and the disabled. Truly in Baguio City, Christmas is not just for those who can afford to spend but for everybody. The true spirit of Christmas is exhibited through the Silahis ng Pasko.

4. Baguio Country Club Christmas Village – just started last year the Baguio Country Club has developed a Christmas Village for every resident and tourist to enjoy. For a minimal fee you can experience a Christmas Village feel, witness a snow show, be serenaded by a Christmas Chorale and have your photos taken with Fairies, Nutcracker Soldiers, Santa Claus and other Christmas Characters.

The Christmas Village Last 2011
Listen to Christmas Carols

5. Fireworks Display – During Christmas season, Baguio City’s biggest mall would schedule Fireworks display every weekend starting around the first or second week of December. The Fireworks display would usually last for about three to five minutes and it brings color to the Baguio’s night sky.

baby you’re a firework…

6. The Cold Air – ok this is not an event but what makes Baguio City a very special destination during the Yuletide season is because of the Pine Scented and Cold air. Wake up to a foggy and cold morning and the coolness would continue on for the whole day. Watch the Lantern Parade, Attend Christmas Carols during the Silahis ng Pasko or Go to the Country Club Christmas Village wearing your Jacket, scarf, hoodie and beanie.

The Pine Scented Cold Air

I think for now that is all i can gather on the different activities for us to look forward to in Baguio’s Christmas 2012 celebration. Knowing our enthusiastic organizers for the Christmas activities they would do their best to make Christmas in Baguio 2012 a lot better than last year just like what they would be doing for Panagbenga 2013. So if you plan on celebrating Christmas in Baguio book your Accommodations now as i know rooms in Baguio would fill up fast.

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