Christmas Activity In Baguio 2012 – SM’s Christmas Centerpiece

It’s Christmas time in the City…or so the song goes, oh well it’s that time of the year again when all Filipinos are going to celebrate the traditional two months Christmas Celebration. In Baguio City, you can feel that Christmas is just around the corner when the temperature drops, you get the sniffles and five in the afternoon looks like seven in the evening, yep it is really dark.

What To Do During The Christmas Season?

I have gotten used to the phrase Christmas Season since in the Philippines Christmas is not a one day celebration there is the before, during and the after celebration, no wonder we spend so much money during this time. In Baguio City, the mere cool air makes you enjoy the Christmas Season without costing you a dime.

First Christmas Activity in Baguio

In my previous blog post i have mentioned the different things you can do during Christmas in Baguio City, as the activities are launched i will be creating blog posts on the actual activities that are sponsored by the Government and by Business Establishments in Baguio.

Lucky number one is SM Baguio’s Grand Christmas Centerpiece. If you remember last year SM City Baguio’s centerpiece was the North pole with the polar bears and all. This year however it is a huge Christmas House that is about two levels tall with the roof almost reaching the second level of SM Baguio. It was constructed and will stay at the Atrium.

A Huge House Inside the Mall

Impressions Inside

People can enter the house but only limited to the first level, there are no stairs going to the second level. The first level is  designed to be a typical Christmas house with a Red Velvet Sofa, Makeshift Fireplace and a Christmas Tree. Family members can take photos inside the house as if you are in a real Christmas House up in the North Pole.

By the Christmas Tree
Take Photos Inside the House
Fireplace Inside the House
Fall In Line and Wait For Your Turn

Impressions Outside

Outside the House your eyes will be treated to a colorful garden theme. Most of the plants and flowers that you see there are natural, of course the popular christmas plant the Poinsettia gives the red color of the Garden. A makeshift bridge is also provided adding to that garden theme. The entire setup is an interplay of Christmas colors of red, green, yellow, gold and other bright colors.

Colorful House

So Why A House?

The House of Christmas

From the banner one can already fathom why a Christmas House? The Banner states  “The Home of Christmas”. Not to sound dramatic but I also think the house would signify that Christmas is about going Home to be with our Family something that our OFW friends are craving for every Christmas. Visiting the Christmas centerpiece for two straight days, one during the launch and the other the next day i think it accomplished a little bit of bringing the Family together as I saw people with their friends and families lining up to take photos inside the House and even at the garden area. It might be a simple centerpiece for some but to bring people together like that, happy in front of the camera, it just works.

Bonding through Photos
Bond With Your Friends

What To Do?

Well the only thing that i see you and your family and friends can do here is to take photos, does it sound to be not fun at all? Well, I beg to disagree based on the reactions i saw while people were taking photos of their families and friends. Try it you might enjoy it too!

On A Personal Note

For those who are going to see SM City’s Christmas Centerpiece I would encourage you to please take extra care when posing for a photo, watch your step especially at the “garden area”. Make sure you do not step on the plants or do any damage to the plants, the beauty of the place is not because of the house alone but also because of the flowers and plants surrounding it. Sadly on the second day of visit I already saw some plants that were damaged, i guess with the volume of people visiting the place it can’t be helped that some incidents may not be seen by the guards on duty. I encourage those visiting the place to cooperate with the guards on duty and for the management to ensure the protection of the plants, so that we can all enjoy the beauty of the place all through out the Christmas Season or maybe up to Panagbenga 2013? Who knows?

Just A Little Damage, Let Us Not Worsen it Cooperate!

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