Kudos to Baguio’s Police Force and Volunteers

I seldom visit the Baguio City  Cemetery during All-saints-day because of the same reasons why others refuse to go to the cemetery during November 1, there are lots of people, traffic and it is chaotic. At least that was the impression i got watching the national news in the evening of November 1. This is why i always visit the cemetery on October 31 or November 2. This however is not the case for this year. My family went to the cemetery on November 1, to my surprise it was not chaotic as what i’ve come to understand.

Orderly All-Saints-Day

We rode a taxi from our house going to the cemetery however the driver informed us that we can only disembark near the police station at Cooyeesan Hotel Plaza. On our way to the Cemetery I noticed that there are lots of police and volunteers visible in every major roads in Baguio City, communication groups as well as boy scouts and girls scouts are assisting motorists and everyone who require their services.

When We arrived at the police station we started walking from Cooyeesan to the Cemetery. For those who are not aware the road going to the Public Cemetery is a National Highway and there are no sidewalks so the police cordoned off a portion of the road for the walking public, you see, public transport are not allowed to unload passengers in front of the Cemetery.

As we move inside the cemetery the gates were divided into different entrances one for male and the other for the female. Prior to entering the cemetery your bags would be thoroughly checked and what i appreciate the most is that the police would check your bags with utmost care and respect unlike in some malls where they would just blatantly poke your bag and as if they are mixing the contents with their stick.

On my way out of the Public Cemetery another section was reserved for those going out of the cemetery in order to prevent those entering in colliding with those moving out of the cemetery. But what strikes me the most is the warm statement by the police on guard at the exit area she said “Ingat po kayo!”(take care!). I have never felt such simple statement to be stated with so much enthusiasm and passion.

Overall the Celebration of Undas or All Saints and All Souls day was peaceful and orderly. Kudos to the Philippine National Police in Baguio City! To the Volunteers what you think might be a simple job really did a huge difference! To the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts and students who volunteered their time and effort to make sure everyone is safe, Keep up the Good Work because of you we enjoyed our stay with our dearly departed and our family. From Lakbay Baguio Kudos!

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