Unwrapping Baguio City Pasalubong – Good Shepherd Treats

Sometimes a resident of Baguio City would wonder what is so special about a certain place that tourists are actually frequenting such. Before i got to rediscover the City of Pines I have been entertaining such thoughts. What is so special about Burnham Park? Or Mines View? Or Good Shepherd? The reason for asking such question may be because of the fact that we have grown familiar with the places that we actually find nothing special with it. Until of course you do what the tourists do…that is to enjoy and appreciate what the place has to offer.

Good Shepherd Pasalubong

When you talk about Good Shepherd a resident of Baguio or even a tourist would always associate it with different types of Jams the famous ones being Ube Jam and Strawberry Jam, however, i realized they have much more to offer. About several months ago, i was “forced” to go to Good Shepherd because i need to purchase “pasalubong” or treats for my friends who came up to Baguio for a visit. This is when  i discovered that there are other products that every tourist and even locals should try. The following are my top three list of a must buy at Good Shepherd.

1. Alfajor – the Alfajor is a cookie sandwich with caramel filling and dusted into confectioner sugar. The cookies are made up of Flour, Sugar, Lemon Rind, salt and milk. The Caramel filling is made up of milk and sugar. Honestly, at first i did not enjoy eating the Alfajor, but as you bite and gobble up every morsel of that cookie crumble it makes you want to eat more. The Alfajor’s distinct flavor may be because of the lemon rind but whatever it is the Good Shepherd Alfajor is a delicious dessert.

The Alfajor
Bite into It and See the Caramel Filling
The Alfajor Container, simple…
If you don’t eat all the content first…

2. Snowballs – The snowballs are actually cookies shaped into a ball, inside are cashew nuts that gives this cookie a bite into it. It is a mixture of flour, butter, salt, vanilla and cashew, shaped into a ball and rolled into confectioner’s sugar. A simple cookie however it tastes so good that, like the Alfajor, you would want more. I specially like the way the cookie does not easily crumble when you bite into it considering that it is shaped into a ball.

Prepare to be eaten…
Up Close and Yummy



3. Ube Jam – ok this is actually a classic and a common pasalubong being bought by anyone who has the chance to visit Good Shepherd. At first i was confused on whether it is supposed to be eaten with bread like a jam sandwich or eaten on its own…well i actually ended up eating it on its own. It is a really creamy treat as the Ube were finely grounded that you wouldn’t see or taste Ube bits. The best thing about the Good Shepherd Ube jam is that despite its creaminess and sweetness it does not lose its Ube taste you can still taste that earthy flavor.

Good Shepherd Ube jam

The Good Shepherd Convent of course offers a lot more than these three, maybe next time i would sample other treats but for now if you really are in a hurry and cannot decide which ones you would buy, then you can buy these three just to be safe. But of course, this is my take, and we have different tastes, but still you must try them and you be the judge, would like to hear from you!

Must Buy…

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