Where to Eat in Baguio City – Oh My Gulay!

A few months back i listed some of the Best Baguio Restaurants, being a foodie i think i really have to add more to that list. Just recently i had the opportunity to dine at one of Baguio City‘s famous restaurant, Oh My Gulay, the name is a playful take to vegetarian dining. This restaurant is famous not only because they serve the best veggie dishes but also because when you Google the restaurant numerous blog sites would be shown, i guess it is the most blogged restaurant and there is a valid reason why.

The Dilemma

I wanted to take my family to Oh My Gulay so bad that we had to come back three times. You see, the first time we went there was a Monday, the restaurant was closed. We went the next day, unfortunately there was a city-wide brownout so they were also closed around 6pm. Finally we got the chance to dine on a Saturday evening and to avoid being frustrated i asked the waiter about their time of operation. So for those who would like to visit Oh my Gulay this is the:

Oh My Gulay Operation Hours

Monday: Closed (staff day-off)

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 8pm

Sunday: 11am – 7pm

Disclaimer: The operation hours of course is subject to change without further notice.

So if you are going there on a Sunday you might want to have an early dinner.

The Baguio Restaurant Ambiance

One of the best feature of the restaurant is the ambiance as the place is accentuated by the creations of the VOCAS (Victor Oteyza Community Art Space) artists. There are artworks everywhere, from the staircase leading to the restaurant up to the Oh My Gulay space, there is even a small art gallery room. I specially like how the designed the place to look like you and feel like you are not inside a building but rather in an Ark or a Tree House. Oh my Gulay by the way is located at the top of the La Azotea Building at Session Road.

Some of The VOCAS’ Creations
Paradise in the City
The Indoor Koi Pond

The Oh My Gulay Heavenly Food

The first time i ate in Oh My Gulay i was hooked! The food was so delicious that i am already planning my next visit. All of their food are veggie based so for meat lovers don’t worry, try their food and im sure you will become a convert. Everything in their menu looks good, the first time i experienced the food we ordered the Waldorfesto, Ceasar Asar and the OMG Salad and boy they were all good! Their Talong (eggplant) Parmigiana was also excellent. For my second visit we ordered a different set, Lumpia Salad, Bulaklak Tempura, KKK Sliders and Anak ng Putanesca and they were all excellent.

Bulaklak Tempura (Squash Flower)
Lumpia Salad (Tofu Filling)
Yummy KKK Sliders! It Comes with a Side of Bulaklak Tempura

My point is i would not recommend any specific food from their menu since i believe everything is delicious, however to narrow down your choices ask for the available food for the day, see, they prepare the food using the freshest ingredients so sometimes some of their food in the menu might not be available due to lack of fresh ingredients.

The Dish is called “Anak ng Putanesca”
Mangga Crepe (Mango Crepe) – Food was so Good we Forgot Dessert Ice Cream Melted

The Food is Affordable

Each Serving I believe is good for two at an average cost per dish at around 140 pesos (est. $3) it is really affordable. Just to give you a benchmark there were four of us, we ordered three salads, one order of Bulaklak Tempura, 2 Limonada, 2 Dayap Ice Tea our total bill was P836 and we were stuffed! The restaurant also charge a 10% service fee so there is no need to give any tip but i know you would still want to after experiencing excellent food and service.

OMG The Menu

A Glimpse of their Menu and Price (Subject to Change Without Prior Notice)

How to Get There

Oh My Gulay is located at the top of the La Azotea Building. Where is La Azotea Building? it is along Session Road on the side where vehicles are going up. Just to be accurate the La Azotea Building’s address is at Diego Silang Street, rightly so since the base of the building is constructed along Diego Silang Street however, it would be easier for you to access the restaurant if you do it via Session Road. La Azotea is in between the National Life Building and the Philam Life Building. The entrance to the building is flanked by the Sports house and an Appliance store. When you enter the building go straight and you will see a Anthoniuz Flower Shop beside it is the stairs leading up to the top of the building. Just follow the flight of stairs and when you see a glass door and a wood carving that says oh my gulay you are almost there, just one more set of wooden stairs and you would have reached a paradise within the City. So if you are a Baguio resident or if you are planning to visit Baguio City, and if you are asking yourself where to eat in Baguio? Oh My Gulay is a Must Try!

Map to La Azotea Building

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