A Cozy Evening At Cosy’s Baguio

It was a cold December night, and it was December 12, 2012 or 12-12-12, the night air was so cold that and idea popped in my head, “Lets go out for some coffe or tea or hot coco”. I must have said it out loud that my wife said yes. So at 7pm we were ready to go out of the house and look for a coffee shop. Now if you are like me who pass by M. Roxas street in Baguio City you would have noticed a house that is full of Christmas Lights and decorations. Every year the owners of this house would decorate their house with fun Christmas decors and lights. Last year i became a “paparazzi” when i hired a taxi and stopped in front of the house and take photos of it.  I heard from some of my friends that they too have done the same.


Christmas House in Baguio City

Cosy’s Baguio

Well today you wouldn’t have to do that because the “Christmas House” as i call it have opened a Coffee Shop within their compound so the gates are now open for both the coffee shop and the Christmas House. I would be honest, the main thing that drew us to Cosy was not the beverage but the house. However, when we entered the Coffee Shop I felt it was really Christmas, the large windows allows you to see the Christmas Lights at the “Christmas House” and the decor and furniture makes the place all warm and cozy.

Look for Cosy

Cosy’s Baguio Menu

Cosy’s Coffee Blend Cafe and Roasterie is this newest shop in Baguio’s name. I am not a coffee person but i would drink tea anytime, however, since the ambience makes you feel a lot like Christmas i ordered some hot coco, my daughter had the Vanilla Blue Milk and my wife ordered the Vanilla Berry Frappe. Since it was dinner time we also ordered a sandwich and two burgers.

Vanilla Berry Frappe and Sandwich
Vanilla Berry and Blue Vanilla Milk


Surprise Surprise

I was actually outside with my mouth gaping when i was able to take a closer look at the Christmas house, because i saw Santa Claus at one of the Houses’ windows. I was surprised because it seemed so real and later on i realized it was a holographic projection of Santa Claus, at first i thought i saw a ghost. Now after i was doused by my realizations i went in and waited for our order and when it was delivered i was again surprised! Why? I didn’t know you can make a hot blue vanilla milk! When i tasted it, it was like i was being pulled to go to one of their couch and sleep,as it was so relaxing and i thought only tea could do that. The hot coco was your regular hot choco drink when it comes to taste but a lot creamier and with more foam. The Vanilla Berry frappe comes with pearls or “sago” in local terms, but again it was a surprise because this is not your regular pearl that you find in pearl milk tea, their pearl actually pops in your mouth when you bite into it.

Vanilla Berry Frappe with Popping Pearls
Blue Vanilla Milk
Brandley’s Hot Choco


Through Cosy’s Windows

The Christmas House

After we had our beverage and have eaten our sandwich the owner chatted with us and was generous enough to give us a tour inside the Christmas House. I had this thought before that maybe this house spent all their budget in decorating the exterior that they did not bother decorating its interior, oh well, i was wrong. The inside of the house is full of Christmas decorations, from the manger scene at the entrance to the Christmas Village in one of the living rooms. We even went up to the second floor where their stairs are decorated with snowmans and christmas stuff toys, the second floor living room gives a White Christmas theme and there is another Christmas Village scene at the veranda. On one of the coldest night in Baguio this month the interior of the house gave just the right warmth.

Christmas House
Indoor Christmas Village
The White Christmas
The Landing on the Stairs

What Makes Cosy’s Cozy

Cosy’s lives up to its name as one of Baguio’s Cosiest place. What makes the place cozy is the ambiance, the unique line of beverages and of course the warm people running the place, this being a family business a genuine baguio startup.

So Cozy
Cosy place
Cozy Isn’t It?

Something to Improve On

It seems like Cosy’s have already had everything covered in their beverage line, however for the food line there are still some tweaking that needs to be done, I liked the idea that they used wheat bread instead of your regular white bread but i would have loved it more if their burger patties would have more beef in it and add more bite into it. The idea of using Banana Blossom as meat substitute could also be explored.

Will I Come Back?

After paying our bill i already thought of coming back, i just can’t get over that Warm Blue Vanilla Milk, it’s calling my name. So yeah, i would definitely return to Cosy’s, and by the way although i did not try their coffee i heard that Cosy’s coffee is better than what is being served by a large Coffee franchise hmmmm…worth trying it out.

Will Return For Lunch


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