Baguio City Mayor Banned Then Allowed Selling of Firecrackers

Ok so the City Mayor denied the selling of firecrackers in Baguio City, initially, but this pronouncement was later on overturned by the City Mayor and allowed selling of firecrackers. According to the City Mayor the ban on firecrackers is still in effect, only selected brands or types are allowed to be sold. Among these are the lusis or sparklers, pailaw like the trompillo, aerial fireworks (colored) and pop-pops. The following are now banned: judas belt, triangles like five star, bawang, kwitis, sawa, baby rockets and other firecrackers.

To still welcome the new year with fireworks the City Government have organized a 10-minute fireworks display, launching at the Diplomat Hotel, Quirino Hill and at Melvin Jones. Some private companies like Camp John Hay and Baguio Country Club will also have their own fireworks display.

My Take:

It is said that firecrackers are used to ward off evil spirits, every new year however for some of our countrymen that is not the case. Instead of enjoying the New Year at Home with their family they are in the hospital tending to their wounds just because they or someone mishandled lighting the firecracker. What is so unfortunate is that despite the government’s campaign against the use of firecrackers there are still those who find themselves missing a finger or hurt because of such use of firecrackers. As they say nobody would sell if nobody would buy, however, there is really a demand for firecrackers so there would always be people selling them. Banning firecrackers is a creative way of solving the problem instead of trying to convince the public not to buy why not just prevent the sellers from selling? That way the public would not have anyway of getting their hand on a single firecracker.


Many were actually happy with the decision of the City Mayor when he decided to ban the selling of pyrotechnics. The Association of Pyrotechnics selling firecrackers on the other hand were happy when the City Mayor eased up a bit on his decision to ban firecrackers. Ok so apparently the initial decision was deemed unpopular that a middle ground must be achieved. Unfortunately, there is no middle ground here, for several years it has been proven that firecrackers pose a risk not only to the health of the people but also to that of the environment. To be fair however, the Mayor Did say the ban is not lifted only that they have eased up on the ban a little bit. Maybe he wants a smooth transition from partial ban to total ban next year, he did also promise that law enforcers will be very strict in implementing the rules and even the association of pyrotechnic vendors promised to follow the rules and limitations set strictly. So far i have been very satisfied with the presence of our law enforcers at the centralized pyrotechnic selling area but they can only do so much, we should also do our part by reporting illegal vendors selling illegal firecrackers. We should also not choose to purchase illegal firecrackers outside of Baguio City or if you already bought one you have the choice to whether to light it or not.  I guess what i am saying is in the end we should also do our part for our own safety. As for the proof on whether the City Mayor’s decision is indeed a middle ground this is something we could prove after the dust settles. For now, have a Prosperous New Year Ahead of you!

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