Beyond Baguio City – First Time Flight Experience With AirAsia Philippines

As a blogger, writing mostly about Baguio City, I have never thought that i would be given the opportunity to travel outside of Baguio and more so outside of the Philippines. Not that I am not wishing or hoping that I would have that opportunity. That is why i was so surprised and was so happy when i received a message from AirAsia Philippines saying “how would you like to go on an all expense paid trip to Singapore?”, who can say no to that right? So several weeks leading to the event i have prepared all the documents necessary, well only one is required, my passport, so i had to get it from DFA Baguio, which made me blog about the experience so that others will also learn from it.

Singing Our Way To Singapore

Fast forward to the event day, I had to travel from Baguio to Clark Airbase since AirAsia Philippines is based in Clark. I thought, how convenient! I do not have to go to Manila a place where i have been to several times but could never remember the streets and locations not to mention its about six to eight hour ride from Baguio. Clark Pampanga however is nearer and a lot more convenient especially for those travelling from North Luzon. Click the link for more of my travel experience from Baguio to Clark Pampanga.

I went to Pampanga a day before our actual flight to Singapore, because i had to attend the pre-launch event of AirAsia at Widus Hotel, I was happy to meet fellow bloggers whose niche are either in travel, tech or fashion. Media professionals from print, radio and TV were also present. After Dinner and Some singing we went to Tune Hotel for the night as our flight is on the next day at 6:10 in the morning so we have to be there two to three hours before the flight.

At the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport

At four AM we were already en route to the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport or commonly known as the Clark International Airport. Upon entering the departure area of the Airport you have to subject your bag and yourself to the scanner, just like what you see in the movies you have to empty your pocket and be ready to get frisked by the officer in charge. After that you can now line up to have your bags checked-in, that is if you wouldn’t want to hand carry them. You should also pay the necessary terminal fees however ours was already paid for by the airline. After checking in your bag and paying for the necessary fees you now have to go through the immigration. This is where the line is really long, because all the passengers from the different airlines would be converging for this process, now i know why you have to check-in three or four hours before your flight. Past the immigration, you now can go to the boarding area one level up from where you have been.

On Board AirAsia Philippines Flight

When I boarded AirAsia Philippines’ that is when I realized why they called it an AirBus, the inside of the plane is kinda like the inside of the bus. I got a window seat so my excitement grew even more. I should tell you, its really my first time to ride an airplane, so you can say this is not only AirAsia Philippines’ inaugural flight but also my inaugural flight and I was so lucky that my first flight is outside of the Philippines.

The AirAsia Flight Experience

While waiting for our flight I was trying to remember what was it about bubble gum? I thought, oh that’s right chewing bubble gum is not allowed in Singapore. Okay so that was not suppose to be it, what I should have remembered was I had to chew gum to keep pressure off my inner ears. Oh well, when the plane was about to take off my anxiety level and excitement level are at an all time high, my palms are sweating with anticipation. As the plane took off my heart was beating fast and my stomach was feeling kinda funny, the same feeling you get when you ride a roller coaster. So I suggest, for first time flyers try to remember the feeling you got when you rode your first roller coaster, if you haven’t yet you might wanna try it first before your flight. Knowing the feeling you get from flying helps in staving off the increased anxiety.

View of Changi Airport from the Sky

Cruising With AirAsia Philippines

Once we reached the cruising altitude, everything felt normal moreover I was distracted because AirAsia Philippines prepared a small on-board program where passengers get to sing Twelve Days of Christmas with renowned artist Jim Paredes, to top it off AirAsia Philippines also provided our breakfast for free. Eating the pancakes provided by AirAsia made me confirm why airline chefs had to cook their food with more seasoning than normal because your ability to taste the food is reduced due to the air pressure. To really prove this I scooped some of the maple syrup, the taste was sweet but not the sweetness you expect from a maple syrup, its sweetness is really mild.

Another thing that i discovered is that at cruising altitude looking out the window for so long could strain your eyes. Wearing tinted glasses or just pulling down the window shade helps in protecting your eyes. But that did not prevent me from taking pictures, besides how often do you get the opportunity to take photos of clouds from above?

Photographing Clouds from Above

Landing With AirAsia Philippines

When the plane was about to land, we were instructed to put our seat up, and buckle our seatbelts. I got the same feeling when we were about to take off, the “roller coaster feeling”, this time however, i knew the feeling so it was not really an issue, beside I was busy looking at Singapore from the sky and I was really excited to see the country where my father worked when he was an OFW and I am really thankful to AirAsia Philippines and AirAsia Go Philippines for giving me the opportunity to Sing My Way to Singapore, indeed with AirAsia now everyone can Fly!

Taking Photos while Landing
Finally got a Miniature Shot from the Plane

— This flight experience was made possible by AirAsia Philippines, AirAsiaGo Philippines and the Singapore Tourism Board.




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